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Splice: The Soul of the City

No description

John MacDonald

on 9 July 2014

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Transcript of Splice: The Soul of the City

Waitemata Local Board
& Auckland Council

~ Submitted proposal to manage the Ellen Melville and Pioneer Women's Hall

~ Submission to the Draft 3 year Plan

~ Have met with Senior Facilities Manager, Social Development personel
of Auckland Council

~ Currently work with Local Board Social Development team

~ In conversation with Auckland Council Communications and Media Management

Auckland City Centre:
Our Context
27,000 residents
80,000 workers each day
40 - 60,000 University students
5000 visitors per day
371 hec land. Intensive pop/land
New Zealands richest and poorest
Engine room of New Zealand Business
More ethnically diverse than Sydney or London (NZ Herald March 2014)
(Auckland Council Info)
Splice Narrative:
Grace in the Central City
~ Unconditional Love, empowered by Grace,
Social Justice the mandate

~ Movement for all,
'he tangata he tangata he tangata'

~ Today and tomorrow focused, not on Creeds, Councils, Law Books or Books of Order.

~ A way of life, radical hospitality, authentic presence, mutuality in relationships, courageous risk taking, prophetic voice, permission giving
Splice: The Soul of the City
Chaplain at Large

~ Pastoral presence in the city centre
~ Presence on the streets day and night
~ Visiting businesses, agencies, talk to strangers, visit bars and cafes, enjoy people places
~ Make myself known where ever I can
~ Many individuals and organisations want to be part of the Splice way
~ Volunteers enabling the way of Splice to develop
The Ellen Melville and Pioneer Womens Hall
Splice proposes to resurrect the spirit of Ellen Melville:
Promoting young women in leadership
Women in Leadership Residency
Splice would lead from this facility
Splice: Urban Lounge
Drop In Centre
Mothers of the City
Boot Camp Programs
Sunday Assembly
Language Programs
Youth Programs
Splice: Sacred Space
Transfigure the basement of the Ellen Melville Centre into the only sacred space in the City Centre
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