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No description

Zoey Fahl

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Inhalents

Nos or nitrous oxide Street names: buzz bomb, laughing gas, whippets, cream chargers, hippie crack inhalent Nitrous oxide was dicovered in 1793
Joseph Priestley
made nitrous oxide by heating ammonium in the prescence of iron filings, and then passing the gas that came off (NO) through water to remove toxic by-products
Humphry Davy experimented with th gas and coined the term "laughing gas"
Discovered its ablility to destroy physical pain
Despite this observation, for the next 40 years nitrous oxide was used for recreational enjoyment and public shows Nos is inhaled
once inhaled, the gas enters the bloodstream through the lungs. The blood then carries it throughout the body
and while it is not physically addictive users will compulsively use
Can permanently damage your body and brain
Can kill you the first time
run the risk of vomiting and losing consciousness

Side effects:
loss of balance
surred speech
mental confusion
inability to feel pain
increased heart rate and breathing
difficulty concentrating
appearance of spots before one's eyes the central neurotransmitters and hepatic methionine synthetase play an important role in the side effects Illegal or not? most teens are getting this drug from concerts or even buying tanks online Long Term Effects:
interacts with vitamin B12 synthesis in the human body by interfering with the enzyme methionine synthase, depleting the body of vitamin B12 Pros and Cons Personal Story Time! Treatments Done! :)
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