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Victoria Bagrova

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Nestle

The industry reference for financial performance
330 000 employees
Cham, Switzerland
Mr Henri Nestle
10 August 1814 – 7 July 1890
461 factories
83 countries
Leader in Nutrition Health and Wellness
Trusted by all stakeholders

Value Chain
Primary activities
Support activities
Milk, coffee and cocoa,fruit, vegetables, cereals, and potatoes are partly sourced directly from farmers.Sugar, oil, meat, spices and other products sourced only through the trade
Technological development
Nestle is fixing its leadership in research and development by extending its global Product Technology Center for confectionery
Human Resource management
Human research is pay attention to their employees and ensures that they have all the right people with the right skills.

Their management Trainee Program aims to develop talented young men and women and help them achieve their potential in a dynamic environment.

Firm infrastructure
Through its infrastructure the firm try to effectively identify external opportunities and threats, identify their resources and capabilities of Nestle and support their core competences.
Thank you for attention!
Nestle respects the environment and is committed to environmentally sound business practices throughout the world, thus taking into account the need to preserve natural resources and save energy.
Nestle's site: http://www.nestle.com
Connection with different countries
Using new technologies for research and development of products. Creating more healthy products.
Nestle uses technology by taking orders via telephone and online by internet.
Nestle has the Policy of Safety and Health at work.
The compensation for their members is paid via their free legal help specialists of Thompsons Solicitors.
Nestle need to be sure that they know and follow the laws of all countries where they operate.
Protection of crucial business processes by copyrights and patents.
- Using the strictest hygienic and sanitary condition
- Products come with the seal of guarantee
- Quality of the products are the same in all countries

- Shares its experience with local companies
- Brings sustained growth for the local economy
- Provides economy with a reliable supply of high-quality raw materials
- Contributes to improvements in agricultural production and the social and economic status of farmers

- Offers tasty and healthy food for encouraging a healthy lifestyle
- Meets the taste options of local and global consumers
- Develops effective strategies in order to meet consumer's preferences
- Collects information on consumer lifestyles and tastes

Inbound logistics
- Nestle purchase plastic bottles with different size from their suppliers.

- The company establishes the warehouses and setup of water filling plant in different countries.

- They disseminate inputs to their products.
- Water filling.
- Packaging.
- Account maintenance.
Outbound logistics
Nestlé deliver their product to their house.
They deliver to their regional offices according to their customer demand.
The company invests in a continuous innovation in bottled packaging and eco-efficient packaging.
Marketing and sales
- Nestlé charges value in price and product designing.

- Nestlé promotes their product by personal marketing, TV, sales promotion and public relation.

- It’s has a strong R&D capabilities

- Their LC-1 division in nestle was unsuccessful because they thought the company will be in France
- The growth of their organic food sales division fell flat in 2008.
- They have weak implementation of CSR
- Less consumer research in some areas.
- They have inability to provide consistent quality in food products

- They provide allergen free food items such as gluten free and peanut fee.
They can increased the demand of more healthier food products

- They are well-known company and have a strong brand name

The Food contamination in supply especially the e-coil
- The company was affected by the pet food recall in 2007
- They have highly competitive market
- The increasing prices of raw materials for their market

- The company operates in 77 countries in all six continents it’s a truly a global company.
- It has a strong distribution channels and geographic presences
- The company is a global producer
- Its consistently one of the world’s largest producers of food products
- The company has a long history over 140 years of existence
- The company sales in the USA in 2008 was $10 billion.
- They offer thousands of local products, research and development capabilities.
- They have unmatched products and good brand portfolio

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Value Chain

- http://www.nestlepurelifedelivery.com/
- http://www.nestle.com/aboutus/globalpresence
- http://www.nestle.com/aboutus/suppliers
- http://www.nestlecareers.co.uk/content/marketing-nestle-jobs.htm
Nestle uses efficient procedures to keep its position on the market and it allows the company to expand its portfolio and services.

It is also a multinational company which is an example of exceptional food and nutrition providing company.

Despite the fact that the company has been involved in trials, it has maintained its competitive advantage since its creation.

Nowadays Nestle is one of the main suppliers on the market and it has become a part of people's life in more than 130 countries.

Aroa Leal Angulo
Victoria Bagrova
Anna Gishta
Maria Belova
Ebanehita Agenmonmen
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