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하경 장

on 13 February 2017

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Transcript of Gravity

What is gravity?
What is Gravity?
Gravity is the magnetic force in the center of the Earth that occurs between 2 objects and that pulls objects towards itself.
Universal Theory of gravitation
There are also tides on the moon:
2 high tides in one day:
By: Kate Song, Hakyung Zhang
Issac Newton
Laws of motion
and Theory of
For example, there is gravity in between the apple and the ground so the gravity pulls the apple and the apple falls off the tree.
F(G)= GMm/r^2
(Serway, 2010)
(Minute Physics, 2012)
Tidal bulges created
on moon
The same side of the
moon always faces
Gravity produces a
braking effect
Doesn't explain why gravity exists
Didn't explain the orbit of Mercury
Problems with Newton's Theory

Albert Einstein
Explained why
gravity existed
General Theory of
Relativity - 1916
Why is gravity important?
Gravity is important because it is the force the holds everything in the universe together. Although it is the weakest of the four known natural forces, it is the most dominant of those forces. No matter the size of an object, it has a gravitational force that extends through all space.
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