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Technological Needs And Wants of a Teenager

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Samantha Quinto

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Technological Needs And Wants of a Teenager

Positive Impacts Negative Impacts Technological
Needs and Wants Of a Teenager Did you know? Peer pressure refers to the feeling of “having to” do something that you typically won’t do, just to fit in. It is one of the biggest influences of the internet, and can have both a positive and negative impact on society. We hope you enjoyed our presentation. Did You Know? About 93 percent of teens ages 12-17 are internet users and half of them go online on a daily basis. Needs and Wants Technology in the Future Thanks
for Definitions: Did You Know? 80% of teens ages 12-17 own a game console. Need: a requirement, necessary duty, or obligation Needs Wants Mixture of Both Human needs include: These needs directly relate to what technology a teenager needs. It can define what is a true need, and what is simply a want. A few examples of
teen technological needs: A mobile phone A laptop/computer A charger for both devices A lightbulb As technology increases in multipurpose functionality, the line between a need and a want is blurred. A microwave Technological Wants Include: Game consoles Curling/Straightening Irons A tablet An mp3 player Most technological wants are for leisure and pleasure, and do not actually contribute to productivity. A Mixture of a Need and Want Some items teens want can also count as a need. As technology advances, what are considered needs become multipurpose and can have features that are just wants. For example, a smart phone is not restricted to making calls and sending texts; it can also surf the internet and play games. The ability to call from anywhere is a need, while having games and an internet browser is a want. Positive And Negative Impacts Of Technology Help save lives (ex. phone) Health concerns (ex. worse vision from computer screens, burning from irons) Technology: The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. Also a machinery and/or equipment developed from such scientific knowledge. Did you know? Teens spend an average amount of 20 hours per week that most teens spend in front of the television and the computer. Did you know? A typical teen sends an average amount of 50 or more texts per day. Summary As technology becomes more integrated into our daily lives, it becomes a necessity instead of a luxury. Jeopardy! for Time listening! Want: something desired, demanded or required Convenience (ex. microwave) Communication is easier and faster (ex.phone, email) Great source of entertainment (ex. game consoles) Can increase productivity (ex. laptop, tablet) Can increase laziness (ex. phone, email) Can get addictive (ex. gaming systems, television) Can deprive face-to-face social contact (ex. phone, email) Can decrease productivity (ex. phone, gaming systems) Now that our generation becomes more dependent on technology, we expect vast improvements for our future.

For example, everything may be voice-activated or operated by robots.

But there also significant benefits and consequences to consider when improving current technology.
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