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Copy of SAT 10 Parent Night

No description

Mindie Caraballo

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of SAT 10 Parent Night

Preparing for the SAT-10

Parent Information Night

VES - April 4, 2013 What is the SAT-10?
The SAT-10 is the test the Collier County Public School district uses to measure Grades
1 and 2 student achievement in reading.
The SAT-10 is a norm-referenced
achievement test that utilizes multiple-choice questions to measure subject area content and
process skills in Reading Comprehension.
The school district uses the data to compare student achievement in reading
against a nationwide sample of
2nd grade students. When is the SAT-10? Your child will be taking the SAT-10
in early May.
(exact date TBA)
The test will begin in the early morning and will take roughly 1 hour. What will my child's score tell me?
A student’s test scores on the SAT-10 can be compared
to the scores of one or more groups of students.
The Stanford-10 reports stanines and percentile ranks allowing
you to make comparisons with other students in 2nd grade who took the test during the same time of year.
The comparison group of students, called a normative sample,
is composed of other students from a nationally representative sample.

This test is only one of several tools
used to evaluate a student’s performance.

The scores are reported as percentile ranks which indicate the percentage of students in the
norming sample who score at or below that percentile score.
Percentile ranks range from 1 to 99.
The national average is the 50th percentile.
Scores are also reported in stanines.
Stanines range from a low of 1 to a high of 9. How can I help my child prepare for the SAT-10? Since the SAT-10 is a reading comprehension assessment, the best way to help your child prepare is by reinforcing the comprehension strategies they have been learning all year! RETELLING:
A great way to check
for comprehension is to ask your child to retell the story/text. PRACTICE! We have done some practice tests in class to get the children more comfortable with the format and procedures.

Try a practice test with your 2nd grader!

Have them show you... how we read each question more than once to make sure we understand what it is asking
read each answer option completely before making a selection
go back in the text and underline the answer The night before the test... The morning
of the test, make sure your second grader has...
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