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Rosa Parks

No description

Karla Mancilla

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks
Culture Values
Rosa Parks showed a true sense of equality for all people. She also showed a virtue of courage by standing up for freedom even though she did receive a lot of hate.

Rosa Parks suffered hardship in the months following her arrest in Montgomery and the subsequent boycott. (Biography)

Awards: NAACP highest award, Martin Luther King Jr. Award, Presidential Medal of Freedom
The famous bus Rosa Parks rode the day she refused to give up her seat.
Work Cited
Background Information
Strengths and Weakness
Rosa Parks believed in racial equality and was so determined to end segregation on public transportation. So she did what she thought was right and did not give up her seat on the bus. Afterward, she came across bumpy roads. She got arrested and received harsh threats but with the support of others who also were determined to end segregation they stood by her side and made history in the civil rights movement by boycotting the Montgomery buses.
Ordered to the Back of the Bus
The Montgomery city code required that all public transportation be exaggerated and that bus drivers had the powers of a police officer of the city. (The Henry Ford)

Rosa Parks is an epic hero because she stood up against racism and fought for freedom. She also stood up for her people and made a great change to history by simply sitting in the front row of a bus
Her Impact on the World

Her act led to Martin Luther King, Jr. making speeches that would reach a national audience. (Rosa Parks Legacy)

Her act showed many whites how unfair segregation laws were.
(Rosa Parks Legacy)
Civil Rights Activist
Rosa Parks was born on February 4, 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama. (Biography)
Rosa Park's childhood brought her early experiences with racial discrimination and activism for racial equality. (Biography)
At the age of 19, Rosa met and married Raymond Parks who was part of the NAACP (National Association of the Advancement of Colored People. (Biography)

On December 1, 1955, Rosa parks, refused to give up her seat to a white man while riding on a city bus in Montgomery, Alabama and got arrested. After the incident on the bus she was constantly getting threatened and harassed; however, she would not give up her efforts towards equality. (Biography)

The incident caused a city-wide boycott which helped changed the code of Montgomery Alabama's transportation which was to diminish segregation on buses. (Rosa Parks Legacy)

Rosa believed in peace around the world. she knew that there was no difference between black people and white people
She also believed that blacks should have the same respect and same rights to live a happy life. (Rosa Parks Legacy)
Rosa became involved in the pursuit of racial justice. She participated in boycotts against various facilitates endorsing segregation,
She lost her department store job and her husband was then fired after his boss forbade him to talk about his wife or their legal case. (Biography)
Rosa Parks being a black woman who lived during a time when black people and women did not have the same rights and opportunities as others so she had even less. (Troy University)
Rosa Parks overcame these obstacles with the support of her husband and others who believed that blacks and whites should have the same rights and opportunities.

1. Black and white people could sit wherever they wanted to sit.
2. Bus drivers were to respect all riders
3. Black people were now allowed to apply for driver positions. (Rosa Parks Bus)
Her actions and the leaderships decision to boycott the buses made a huge impact on the local economy and forced the hand of the law makers to make changes in the laws. (Biography)
End segregation on public transportation and to abolish ALL segregationists.
Rosa had a mental weakness she had heart problems and a low heart rate. (Biography)
Talented. Rosa Parks was really good at sewing and got a job as a seamstress.
Brave: She stood for what was right.

Being quiet. Her actions spoke louder than her words. (Biography)

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Karla Mancilla
Rosa Parks died at the age of 92 on October 24, 2005 in her apartment. (Bio.)
She's known as the Mother of the Civil Rights Movement. (Rosa Parks Legacy)
(Troy University)
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