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Emma Morgan

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of DOCTOR WHO

Doctor Who is a British Science Fiction TV show that was first aired in 1963.

This is the TARDIS. (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space)
It is the Space ship of The Doctor, the main character of this TV show. He is a 900 year old alien, who regenerates his body instead of dying.

About the show
The 1st Doctor
The first Doctor travelled with his granddaughter Susan.
They were exiled from their home planet, Gallifrey.
The second Doctor played the recorder. He had five companions: Polly, Ben, Jamie, Victoria and Zoe.
The 3rd
The third Doctor had a car named Bessie. He was the first one to have a Sonic Screwdriver. His companions were: Liz, Jo and Sarah Jane.
The 4th Doctor
The Fourth Doctor appeared in 172 episodes (this makes him the longest running on-screen Doctor of the series). His long scarf and fondness for jelly babies were his trademarks. His companions were: Sarah Jane, Harry, Leela, K-9, Romana, Adric, Nyssa and Tegan.
The 5th Doctor
The fifth Doctor was more courageous than the previous ones. He also met his tenth incarnation once. His companions were Adric, Nyssa, Tegan, Vislor, Kamelion and Peri.
The 9th Doctor
The 6th Doctor
The Ninth Doctor regenerated after he absorbed time vortex energy and saved Rose (his companion).He tended to act crossly to those who rubbed him the wrong way. His companion were: Rose, Adam and Jack.
The sixth Doctor was very active and even a bit crazy. He was well known for wearing mismatching bright-coloured clothes. This doctor was also the only one who managed to fix the TARDIS, but it became faulty again. His companions were Peri and Mel.
The 7th Doctor
The seventh Doctor was a bit more mysterious than the previous as he kept more secrets. He liked to pretend to be a fool to try to trick his enemies. He always carried a red umbrella. His companions were Mel and Ace.
The 10th Doctor
The Tenth Doctor displays a light-hearted, talkative, easy-going, witty, and had cheeky qualities. He serves as a romantic leading man. His companions were: Rose, Mickey, Donna, Martha, Jack, Astrid, Sarah Jane, Jackson, Rosita, Christina, Adelaide and Wilfred.
The 8th Doctor
The eight Doctor only ever appeared in a film (Doctor Who). This Doctor liked giving people hints about their future. His only companion was Grace.
The War Doctor
The War Doctor's origin is unknown, however, he is the incarnation who fights in the great Time War. He doesn't call himself a Doctor, but rather a warrior. This incarnation traveled alone.
The 11th Doctor
The eleventh Doctor was always happy and liked to act like a child, but he could also be very dark and serious at times. His companions were Amy, Rory and Clara.
Mickey Smith
Rose Tyler

Amy Pond
Rory Williams
Sarah Jane Smith
Jack Harkness
River Song
The Doctor's Companions
The Doctor's companions are people, usually humans from Earth, who have travelled with The Doctor and helped him in his adventures. Some of them have fallen in love with him (like Rose), one of them is his wife later (River Song), others became immortal (like Donna and Captain Jack) and others died during the adventure (like Amy and Rory).
Laura Medina
Emma Morgan
The Daleks
The Daleks are cyborgs created by the scientist Davros. They fight against the Time Lords at the Time War. They have had every emotion removed except hate.
The Weeping Angels
The weeping angels are aliens who disguise themselves as old statues. They are quantum-locked, which means that they cannot move if someone is looking at them. If you blink, they will grab you and send you back in time.
The Cybermen
The cybermen are a race of cyborg augmented humanoids. They were created in cybus industries, which originated on Earth in an alternative universe. They are created by taking the brains of humans and placing them in robotic bodies.
The End
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