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Leyna & Hailey

No description

lib hist

on 9 September 2016

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Transcript of Leyna & Hailey

Nicholas Oresko
He was born in Bayonne, New Jersey. When he joined the army he was shipped out to Europe for World War 2. Machine Guns in a nearby area needed to be destroyed and so Nicholas decided to move out in three days. When it was time none his men would go. So he went by himself and realized someone destroyed the first one and he bravely destroyed the second.
Clarence Sasser
Clarence Sasser was born in Chenango Texas on September 12,1947 and was drafted into the army at the age of 19. They all got together to investigate heavy enemy fire. Sasser was brave and ran all across the battle field to help heal others even when he was seriously injured himself
Gary Martiri
Gary Martiri was a marine who was deployed to fight in the Vietnam war.When out in the field he noticed 2 wounded companies out in the enemy's trench line. Gary ran out to help the 2 wounded marines as he was shot multiple times saving the 2 marines.
The Medal of Honor
is an award given to a member of the armed forces for valor and bravery in combat.Established in 1862 and only 3,446 soldiers have received the award.
Leyna and Hailey☺;)
Nicholas Oresko
Clarence Sasser
Oscar Austin
During the Vietnam war Oscar was assigned as a machine gunner. As the vietnamese army attacked Oscar noticed a wounded marine and went to help him. When he did he saw a vietnamese solider aiming a weapon at the wounded marine getting ready to shoot.Oscar jumped in front of vietnamese solider almost killing himself to save the marine.
Oscar Austin
our opinion
*Patriotism is am emotional attachment to a nation
*Each of our soldiers showed patriotism by going into the war and protecting/being loyal to our country.
*courage is the ability to do something that frightens others
*honor is having high respect for someone
*valor is having great courage in the face of danger
Vietnam war
*All of the men showed courage by being in the military and having perseverance.
*All of these men showed valor by risking their to save others in the face of danger and death during the wars.
*All of our soldiers are brave and all of them show honor and courage but the same goes for their families. Many families have lost a loved one due to war. Many kids without parents or siblings.

*We believe that every soilder has there own story but yet there are so many stories that have not been told
*Our soldiers showed honor by putting there life on the line for all of their companions
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