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New Wind Blows from....

Wide range of water level control


on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of New Wind Blows from....

DS: 20-50mm DS: 65-300mm DRWP: 65-200mm DL: 20-50mm DL: 65-100mm DX: 80-150mm DH: 20-50mm DH: 65-300mm FW/FWSP: 65-200mm FWH: 13-25mm SY: 40, 50mm SYS: 10mm SYS: 13-25mm DHWP: 65-200mm FWG: 20, 25mm SY: 65-100mm FW/FWSP: 13-25mm SY: 13-25mm FWDS: 13, 20mm FW/FWSP: 30-50mm FWD: 13, 20mm FWDSC: 13, 20mm FYDS: 13, 20mm PLENTY KINDS OF FLOAT VALVES! Authority
of The
Float valves! Operation point of the level differential=500mm The water hammer prevention device is mounted Float Valve in ECO STYLE! Flow rate can be easily changed with The Adjustable Spindle Perforated SS Strainer is built-in the main stream
Self cleaning SS Strainer is mounted on the pilot cirquit Separable pilot unit for the Top tank Float Valve with Sustaining Function Common design with the Sustaining/Pump Relief Valves Float Valve with Sustaining Function in ECO STYLE Pressure Balanced Float Valve
in double lever style
with Level adjustement arm Wave suppression pipe
can be attched on the outport from the size of 20mm Operation Pressure:
FWSP=1.6MPa The Stainless Steel 316
model in
Single Lever Style Double lever style in SS316 Model
Operation pressure: 1.0Mpa Pressure Balanced with double lever style
for The Chemical/Water Industry The Wide Skirt minimize the water waves PILOT OPERATED FLOAT VALVES The Standard Item for The Water Reservoir Tanks
with Vacuum Breaker The ECO Choice for
the Rain Water System Perforated Strainner is mounted The Choice for the Humidifier
Operation Pressure: 0-0.75MPa Well known to the Power Plant in the world Specially developped as a pilot valve with 100mm level differential of operation Pilot Valve with 500mm(standard)
operation level differential The level differential can minimize
the numbers of pumps turn on/off
(Saving the electoricity costs of Pumps) The numbers of Flow noise also deducted The pilot valve made by SS316 The Air-Gap can be adjusted
between 400-700mm on site The Air-Gap can be adjusted between
300-600mm(S), 600-1000(L)mm on site Operation Pressure
0-0.75MPa Thank you for your attention! The most famous Float Valve in the world! The most famous Float Valve in the world! Flange-less Wafer Style Pilot Float Valve FLOAT VALVES
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