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Evolution of Music

Music 1900-2010

Andrew Stucky

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Evolution of Music

Spencer Lloyd, Andrew Stucky,
Mike Brennan, TJ Vanhooser 1901 1969 1973 1982 Present Day 1957 1927 1991 History of Music 1900-1950's Blues started around the 1920's, at this same time jazz music was becoming extremly popular in 1935. Music began to be played in theatres from 1935 to 1947 bigger bands continued to become popular while their genre was still not considered jazz.
The Blues The Blues was greatly inspired by World War I and slave trades. The African Amercian's past history also had a great influence on the inspiration of the Blues. Blues Cont... At some point ordinary people started creating songs for their own enjoyment, or "folk" songs. These songs were not about heros or God, but about the joys and sorrows of rural life
The Blues originated in Louisiana along the
Mississippi River. Jazz Jazz is one of America's greatest cultural achievements.
Jazz is not the result of choosing a tune, but an idea that is created first in the mind and then inspired by one's passion. Jazz Cont. In the 1920s the music of Jazz began to migrate to a big band format
combining elements of ragtime, black spirituals, blues, and European music. Music & World War I Each war has its own music and WWI is no exception. Americans changed words so they would not reflect the German language. And most music was based form the war Introducton of Rock and Roll 1950 Alan Freed called himself the father of rock and roll because in 1952 he was the first person to refer to the term "Rock and Roll". Rock and Roll Cont... In 1955 Elvis Presley was considered the first Rock star. Rock and Roll Cont... In 1962 Bands such as The Who, took part in the British Invasion. This was a time when America was introduced to music from over seas. These foreign bands came to America for the abailty to partake in large tours. New Genres Some of the new genres created were; Punk Rock, Metal, Progressive, Industrial, and Rap/ Hip-hop. These all took place in the 70's-80's. New Genres Cont... The following genres took place from the late 80's to present day; Grunge, Post Rock, Pop, Drum'n'Bass, Alternative, and Electronic. History of Audio Devices Evolution of Music The Phonograph The Record Player The phonograph was the first music playing device that used cylinder records to produce music for anyone who could afford one.

They were hand cranked machines, they were not powered on their own. This machine hit the market in the year 1880. In 1892 the disk records were introduced, they had terrible sound quality compared to the cylinder records. After years of perfection the disk records became the preferred source of sound. The Record Player Cont. The record player was the best and most cost efficient way to play music for nearly 100 years before the invention of new systems. 8-Track The Eight Track tape system was popular from 1965 to the late 1970s. The eight track tape was an endless loop of standard 1/4-inch magnetic tape, placed in a plastic cartridgen (Like the Cassette Tapes).

8-Track Cont... It is a technology associated with the automobile and in-car listening to most people old enough to remeber. However, it was first developed by an aircraft manufacturer and not for the purpose of the automotive industry.
The Compact Cassette The late 1980's to the early 1990's was the most popular time for the cassette playing system. The cassette was just a refined version of the 8-track system. The Compact Disk (CD) The Compact Disk or CD, is an optical disc used to store digital data. They can hold up to 80 minutes of digital music. The CD has been commercially around since 1982, but really didn't become popular till the late 1990's. Effects of Music Stress Music is a good stress reliever, it has always has been and will continue to help people relieve their stress. Music Stress Tips & Facts - You can wake yourself up with music, and start your day feeling great. Music is always a good way to uplift the start of your day. - Playing your favorite music in the car can relieve some of the tension you feel from the commute itself and the day so far, and help you feel less like you’re wasting time in traffic. - As you’re eating, music can also help. Soothing music can trigger the relaxation response, making it easier to digest food. - Playing music as you drift off to sleep is one way to over ride the effects of stress by taking your mind off of what’s stressing you, slowing down your breathing, and soothing your mind. Drugs Sometimes people say that without drugs music would have been different. Pink Floyd. Dylan. Grateful dead. Nirvana. Radiohead. Bob Marley. Many people point to these people and say drugs are/were essential to their recording or listening. Evolution of the MP3 Player The Start When do you think the first MP3 player was invented? The first MP3 player was actually invented in 1979, and was able to hold up to 3.5 minutes of audio playback. Continued... Continued..... In 1987 Apple started the development of their first Ipod. They released their first version of the Ipod early in 2001. The Ipod, was 5GB and could hold nearly 1,000 songs! Future Music Devices We think the future music playing devices will hardly be visible, the music will be stored on a server. Their will be a holographic display so no screen is necessary, it will be 3D and fully interactive. Illegal Downloading Illegally downloading music is a large problem to many hard working music artists. Many artists are loosing billions of dollars due to Illegally downloaded music. Over 65% of the teen U.S. population has illegally downloaded music, 95% of all music downloads in 2008 were illegal.
Illegally Downloaded Music Court Cases A federal jury Thursday found a 32 year old Minnesota woman guilty of illegally downloading music from the Internet and fined her $80,000 each for each song, a total of $1.9 million, for 24 songs. Illegally Downloaded Music Court Cases Cont. A Boston University graduate student was ordered to pay four record labels a total of $675,000 in damages for illegally downloading 30 songs and sharing them online. Works Cited "History of Music". ThinkQuest. 4/27/10 <http://library.thinkquest.org/16020/data/eng/text/education/theory/history.html>.

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