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Modern Fantasy- Children's Lit. Technology Project

No description

Mary Fox

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Modern Fantasy- Children's Lit. Technology Project

Modern Fantasy by Maryjacqueline Fox What exactly is Modern Fantasy? It is rooted in traditional literature. It has a known author. The setting, characters, or events are not able to occur in the real world. The plots are full of imagination, but they are believable. The plots are usually between good vs. evil. Modern fairy tales are included. It usually has truths that help the reader. It can be in a cycle format. Meaning that one book can be linked to another book by settings or characters. There are eight main types of Modern Fantasy. Animal fantasy They have human qualities and animal characteristics. Children from 8-9 years old love this genre. Personified toys/objects The toys or objects are alive. They become real to the human character. Preschool through upper elementary students love this genre. Unusual characters/Strange Situations These stories go beyond reality and into the exaggerated. All ages like these books. Worlds of Little People Tiny humans that experience real human experiences in their own little worlds. Big people are usually defeated by the little characters. Children like this genre, because they also feel powerless compared to big people in their life. Supernatural Events/Mystery Fantasy These stories are about witches, vampires, ghosts, and magic. The difference between real life and fantasy is hard to distinguish. Children like the unique characters and settings. Historical Fantasy The characters go back in time to a historical setting. It shows the differences between two time periods. Quest Stories There is adventure, love, justice, and magic in another world. There is usually a theme of good vs. evil. The characters go through the monomyth/hero cycle- basically they go through a growing experience in their personalty. Science Fantasy Very futuristic stories rooted in real science with mythology. Characters must figure out how to change and adjust. THE END.
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