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Green Budapest - Justin

Greening Budapest - presentation given at TCC IX in York, England

Justin Hyatt

on 23 July 2010

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Transcript of Green Budapest - Justin

Why do we need more green
and why does it support
CARFREE oriented planning? GREENING the Urban Landscape Budapest Today Parks and Green Spaces Courtyard Greening Community Gardens Budapest in the future Community Gardens Linear Parks More Trees and Green everywhere Depaving Use of river and water Roof gardens Composting Greenways Wekerle district Green in the city Ellátó garden pub "Gang" inner courtyard revitalisation Grandió courtyard pub Lövőház utca greening plan "Let's plant flowers in Lövőház street" group Földkelte group ("Back to the Roots") in northern Buda By Justin Hyatt
Towards Carfree Cities IX
York, England
July 30, 2010 Cut back on
crime Community Spirit Better air quality Aesthetics Vegetables Less migration to
the suburbs Downtown - reclaimed space Parklet with public art installations
(including recycled bicycle parts) Sleeping in public - Christopher Alexander would love it! Gödör park and cultural centre - top quality downtown public space Millenáris Park and cultural playground

reclaimed from an old factory Rákospatak Greenway Földkelte
Summer Camp "Böske" Hamzsabégi street greenway Why is green good? Permeable pavement Tompa street traffic calming PARKing Day on ring road Parklets "Start with the petunias" let's go budapest!! justin@zofi.hu You can peek at my notes that went along
with the presentation. These are the extra
details that I shared in my talk. wait! WHY MORE GREEN IS NEEDED

better air - as trees lower temperature, ozone formation decreases. large, shady trees can reduce temerature by 3-5%, lowering pollution. some trees also absorb pollution, including gases and particulate matter. best are large trees with dense foliage. 16,000 people die in Hungary due to polluted air

community spirit - green initiatives, comm. gardens, public green spaces - all bring people together, and also instill local pride.

less migration - people move less often to outerlying places in green belts, because there is now more satisfaction at home.

greater happines - study of psychologists at essex u., others also, studying holland, show that strong link between access to green spaces and recreation and reported levels of happiness, or lack of anxiety disordes and depression

reduction in crime is a logical consequence of greater community spirt, greater happiness and more valuable spaces

gardens: vegetables, part of vision of ecocities and sustainable communities - local food production

aesthetic reasons

good for carfree - with all this together, you have happier communities with beautiful green space, people aren't moving to suburbs (less many daily commutes), food is not transported from so far away, the air is better, and with people thinking with their local community in mind, they will be more interested in creating quality, green carfree spaces. Budapest Today

Parks and Green Spaces - 6th district has only 0,2 m/2, compared to 123 m/2 in 12th district
downtown Károly street park, Millenáris, Gödör

Greenways - Hamzsabégi, Rákospatak, along Danube

Courtyard Greening
Gang - ZöFi project of inner courtyard greening
Lövőház u. - "Let's plant flowers in Lövőház. utca"
romkocsmák - garden pubs or "ruin pubs" (at the carfree cities conf in budapest - we organised party in such a pub "tűzraktár)

Community Gardens
Földkelte - Budakalász, Ófalu - Reclaim the fields, (people who want to resume control over food production, support food sovereignty and peasant agriculture, people who want to go back to the countryside). They produce carrots, turnips, peas, beans, corn, pumpkin, parsley, cumin, lettuce, spinach, zuchini, water melons, potatoes, etc
Böske - opens in the sec. half of July, will be first downtown community garden in Budapest

Szatyor - organic food coop

Wekerle - best example of garden city movement, emerging at end of 19th C., star architect kós károly, whole area protected. each street has its own typical tree, people higher than average satisfaction with area and don't want to leave - people enjoy more nature and less noise - (speaking of less migration to suburbs) in one study, people living here were most happy to stay put

Greening the City

Traffic calming - Tompa utca, raday utca, new főutca
PARKing Day
green anywhere Green prospects for future
(in Budapest or anywhere)

Roof garden (currently at Westend and MOM park)
Depavement - Andrássy út would be great, put in a Freiburg style brook along ring road, with trees and plants more, depave parts of kiskörút + bajcszy street
permeable pavement
Going forward with community gardens

New York - between '73 and '95 800 comm. gardens sprang up. Patricia Hynes on inner-city gardeners: "Their eocology is predicated not on wildernerss without people but on a mutuality between humans and nature; their economy is predicated on traditional finance, sweat equity, barter, and non-monetary sources of wealth such as networks, good will, generosity, altruism, plant-lore, and horticultural expertise."

Slow food
Parklets - San Francisco - Pavement to Parks program, have done 3 and plan to make 12 more this year. REBAR is active in this
Linear parks and getaways - Bogota has examples, Berlin - special Mauerweg - thematic Wall border walk
Water: more water in city and use of Danube Rainwater collection system
Composting - Szike and Humusz orgs work on this. would like to see it more in households
Tree Planting: already plan for K. Sándor street., especially Körút (ring road), Podmaniczky, gingko, koelreuteria, ash

in Sacramento county, California, it was estimated that by doubling canopy to 5 million trees, it would reducee temperatures by 3 degrees in summer, and smoggy days by 50%

Roof gardens
Hundertwasser - Bad Blumau with spa. Tree tenants and sawdust toilets, trees to purify the air and water, and humans to provide nutrition to plants through composting toilets. The built environment should reflect and incorporate nature. Hundertwasser said: "the strait line is ungodly"

Project for Public Spaces (PPS) admonishes us: "start with the petunias" ie start with something small and visible.
Green carfree areas - inside of ring road, Zrinyi-Bazilika-Opera-Kazinczy-Szentkiralyi-Köztelek-Mátyás-Csarnok tér + area around Csarnok tér New York City Lyon, France Bad Blumau, Austria
Freiburg, Germany Bogotá, Colombia New York City San Francisco The "Tree Tenant"
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