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Opinion Essay

No description

Claire K

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Opinion Essay

Iron Man is the Best Superhero I think Iron Man is the best superhero. Here's why...
Most superheroes have hidden identities. But Iron Man doesn't! I think that's really cool that everyone knows who he is, and that he's Iron Man. But it does have downsides too. In Iron Man 2, everyone got really mad at him because they thought he was irresponsible. Iron Man also has a really cool suit. He can fly as fast as a jet pack, has superhuman strength, and protection. Almost all superheroes have a superhuman ability, or a really cool suit. Even though Iron Man has an artificial heart, he is pretty much human. Batman is human, and I don't see how he saves as many people, because he is completely human, and has no superpowers to me. But Iron Man is almost completely human, but has superpowers, because of his suit. Iron Man is the Best Superhero Iron Man is a convincing speaker. When he went to a committee hearing, he talked his way out of trouble, and also in Iron Man 2, he needed to convince everyone he was responsible. Iron Man has a sense of humor, and many superheroes don't. This is my opinion essay, so that's why I think Iron Man is the best superhero. Do you?
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