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The Transitional Family

No description

Melissa Joseph

on 15 July 2011

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Transcript of The Transitional Family

The Transitional Family Introduction to the Molik Family The Molik family is of two different origins: Chinese
and Polish. Aleksander Molik (father) immigrated to Canada from Poland when he was 20 years old. He had married in Poland at the age of 18, but, unfortunately, his wife of 1 year died from the deadly Spanish flu epidemic that swept the nations after WWI. After he came to Canada,
he met Ming Hua (Wife), also an immigrant, but from China. They fell in love instantly, and married. From this beautiful vow came 4 beautiful children: Two twin girls, and 2 boys. He-Ping, Anelie and Nadelie, and the youngest, Piao. Aleksander Molik Age: 42
Works at a factory making plastic
Lives in the city of Ottawa
Polish Heritage
Dislikes his job, but has no other choice/
place to work
His last wife died from the Spanish Influenza but he remarried when he came to Canada
Had four children
Had a tough life back in Poland so his mother sent him to Canada to find himself another wife and build a family (both of which he did)
Watches boxing matches on his spare time
Originally wanted to be in matches and fight as a child, but his mother did not approve
Now happy with his family in Canada Ming Molik Age: 40
Does not work because she is a chinese woman, and discrimination is huge here
Tends to house work as most of the wives do
Best friend, neighbour, is a white lady who is the only one who accepts her as she is; Chinese
Grew up on a farm in China He-Ping Son and oldest of all the children
Age: 23
Works as an assistant for a doctor
Studying to be a family doctor at the same time but having trouble being accepted into society because of his family heritage/origins
Hei-Ping means "peaceful"
Completely against the concept of violence and wars
Still living with his family to support but engaged to a white woman at the same time Anelie Molik Age: 16
Oldest of the twins; 5 minutes before her sister
Obsession to watching Rudolph Valentino films
The more outgoing one of the twins
Helps her mother at home because she cannot go to school Nadalie Molik Age: 16
The twin that was born 5 minutes after Anelie.
Nadalie is calm one of the two
More interested in her studies and books in her spare time
Her brother comes home and teaches her what he's learned; has always done that ever since he started school as a child
Also manages to keep her mother from stressing out, so she helps her in the kitchen
But she has the hidden, gifted talent of an actor when you're over her shyness PiaO Molik The youngest one of all the children
Age: 11
Piang means "handsome" and that describes him well
Mischievous child; goes to school
Hobbies: throwing pebbles at teachers Chinese Exclusion Act of 1923 (Political) 1920 July 1st 1923 is not only known as "Dominion Day" but also known as "Humiliation Day for the Chinese Canadians. This law set out to discriminate Chinese Canadians from the Canadian society. It claimed that if you were diplomats, Canadian-born Chinese, merchants or students, then you could travel in and out of Canada easily. Although Chinese Canadians that went out of the country for more than 2 years would have to pay a $500 fee and not be allowed back in. But there was troubles for both naturalize Chinese AND Canadian-born Chinese: They had to "register" with authorities to get an ID certificate. This prevented Chinese citizens from reuniting and raising their families. Some never reunited with their families ever again. The reason why there were so many Chinese people in Canada in the first place was because between 1881 and 1884, more than 15 000 Chinese came to Canada to help build the railway. Afterwards, they were unable to bring their families into Canada, and would have to find work in Canada to send money back home to support for food for their wives and children. Diary Entry of Ming Molik (mother)

Dear Diary,
I feel absolutely disgusted with myself... No matter what Aleksander says, I still feel horrible. They have put a law on my beloved Chinese citizens in huge discrimination. The white Canadians call it "Dominion Day" but I feel more like it's... some sort of humiliation. My brothers have not contacted me or sent me any telegrams or come to visit in a few days, and knowing them, they are wallowing in anger because of this. I just hope they do not do something unworthy through this enragement. But it still isn't as if this law is unworthy; for it most definitely is. We aren't even able to bring our families back? That's proposterous. We must see them again! Rudolph Valentino "Blood and Sand" Released 1922 (Social) Valentino's movie, "Blood and Sand", was a huge silent movie hit in 1922. The plot of the movie was that he was a poor boy who grows up to be rich and marry his childhood bestfriend. He is then drawn to a seductive widow named "Dona Sol" and she tears hi family apart. This movie was very successful at box office and it is 90 minutes. He also played in "The Sheik" in the 1920's. It was about a relationship between a white woman and an Arabian man (Rudolph Valentine). There was a lot of controversy in society when the film was released but Valentino said, "People are not savages because they have dark skins. The Arabian civilization is one of the oldest in the world, therefore, the Arabs are difnified and keen-brained." Diary Entry of Anelie Molik (1st twin daughter) Oh, he's absolutly gorgeous! The way he even bats his eyelashes is beautiful. I just came back from watching "Blood and Sand" with my future husband in it, RUDOLPH VALENTINO! His acting is even magnificent. Hopefully, mother and father don't realize I stayed up so late; I couldn't help it; I had to watch it. He looked even better than he did in "The Sheik" (if that's even possible) which was released last year.Watching his mouth move in the utter silence of the movie was like a dream come true, as if he was actually there. Oh, he's such a wonderful actor. Winnipeg General Strike 1919 (Economic) The Winnipeg General Strike lasted for 40 days. It was caused by unemployment, horrible wages, bad working conditions, profiteering abd long hours of employment. The workers and stopped working completely and shut down everything they had. But the governemnt and other officials were in fear that the people wanted communism so they kept telling the RCMP to hoard them off. On June 21st of that exact, same year, the strikers were still on protest and the police brought out their weapons to shoo off the strikers and arrest the strike leaders. My the police's hand, 2 innocent bystanders were killed. This day was later known as "Bloody Saturday". Leaders of the strinke were released and made changed to Canada's labour laws after being elected in. Diary of Piao Molik (youngest son) My classes were cancelled because our teacher had also joined the strike for high cost of living! I didn't run home and tell mother or else she would have known where I would go: The Winnipeg General Strike itself. Living in Ottawa definitely had it's benefits. It was huge! There were screams of defiance from the strike leaders as they were being taken away, and the people continuous marched on and on as if it were something they would die for. I would never find He-Ping (my oldest brother) here. He doesn't believe in violence and war. He's absolutely insane: That's what makes life so interesting. And that's when I saw it. All of a sudden, the majority of the crowd had moved up to one spot, starring at something on the floor. An astonished police oficer looked as though he was going to make a run for it. On the floor was the bodies of two innocent civilians, killed by the hand of the RCMP. 1930's Canada Declares War on Germany on Sept 10th 1939 (Political) When Germany invaded Poland on September 1st 1939, Great Britain declares war on Germany on September 3rd 1939. When the Canadian citizens first heard that there wuld be war, they didn't pronounce it on the streets as the citizens did in WWI; They weren't really as happy and eager to fight. The government did not spend that much on the military during the Great Depression, so their military force was very weak when they first declared war. They neede more money for military funding so the government created the "War Measures Act"and "War Taxes" (war taxes on September 12th 1939) Diary Entry from Aleksander Molik (father) She's dead. I can't believe it. She's dead. My sister, my love, my one and only sibling is dead. When they invaded Poland on the first, they attacked her home as well, along with many others. The neighbour sent me a telegram with several apologies because he was unable to save her; the Natzis had him too. He could hear a lot of sceaming coming from the house, and then.. one gun shot, straight though my sister's neck. I am angry now. And I seek out for my sister's revenge. I had sworn to my father to keep her safe, and now that that promise was broken and I need something else to grasp on to. I want to join the Army. Dominion Drama Festival from 1932-1939 (social) The Dominion Drama Festival was founded in 1932 and was
held in a different city every Spring. The very first Dominion
Drama Festival camp was held in Ottawa in April 1933 (on
Shakespear's birthday. Eight different provinces represented
in eight different, unique group plays. It was a very conserv-
ative event and only allowed plays that weren't politically and
socially disruptive. Diary Entry for Nadalie Molik (second twin) I'm so excited! I feel like there are huge bubbles of happiness
inside of me, and that no one, and absolutely no one, can pop
them! I'm leaving to go to the first ever Dominion Drama Festival
to perform alongside my province. We're one of 8 provinces to be
chosen to perform at the Dominon Drama Festival, and I was one
of the very few to be picked to play in it. Thank God it's being held
in Ottawa, too! Ma and Pa wouldn't have let me go anywhere else,
what with all this nonsense talk of war. Well, I'd better get some
sleep now; tomorrow's the big day! Tata! Dustbowl in the 1930's (Economic) The Dustbowl was a natural disaster that blew the top soil off of farm land, destroying it completely. In 1933, there was a total of 38 dust storms. It was completely hectic. Farmers had to move to the city to find jobs because they couldn't farm on bad soil. Since there were a lot of farmers, and very few job opportunities, many went poor. Many went through the whole concept of "riding the rails" and went from town to town to find work to support what little they had left. They were left living in shelters in "shanty towns", unable to buy anything else to fend for themselves or their families. They were sent to relief camps to work, to at least get paid a little, but the conditions were horrible and they couldn't stand it. In 1935, they went on a journey to Ottawa to talk to the governemnt, calling it the, "on-to-Ottawa trek" but they were stopped by the RCMP at Regina. Diary Entry from He-Ping (oldest brother) This is absolutely ridiculous. The moment I heard about this "on-to-Ottawa trek" by the farmers from the relief camps, the first thing I thought was, "Oh no... another riot in Ottawa". When shall humanity understand that violence is not the right way to go? That problem solving comes through peaceful confrences and solutions? This might even end up as horrible as the Winnipeg General Strike back in 1919; that was absolutely devastating, having said that, one of the civilians that died was my friend. I'm glad the the RCMP stopped them... But don't take me wrong, I do care for the farmers, but there must be some other way. ANY other way. the end
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