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hell fire

No description

Marcy almonte

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of hell fire

Do you need a vacation away from home? Do you want to explore what's out there... Are you sick of your boring
planet ? Want some excitement something different and
Hear me out here
I know it sounds crazy. I know your thinking "if i go there I'm going die" but we have the latest technology to take you there and breath real air.
how you ask
scientist have invented a way to live or at least visit Venus .The way it works is a shot given through your back. that releases a special and
drug that help your lung adopt to venus' hot climate and atmosphere
Venus is the second planet from the Sun and is located between Mercury and the Earth. Venus really is the Earth’s evil twin. The size of Venus is only 650 km less than the size of Earth, and the mass of Venus is 81.5% the mass of the Earth. A day on Venus is 243 of our Earth days and it also rotates backwards. Venus has high mountains, and volcanoes so if you don't like the cold you should really go to Venus the highest recordedtemperature is 867°F ( hot right) great temperature to bake brownies (or more like burn brownies) but who wants to bake brownies or eat them.

your probably asking what are you going to do on Venus
I hope you won't miss your moon
Venus or Mercury has no moon and almost no water but don't worry we are shipped pure and natural water every day. scientist think there are water vapor in the clouds of CO2 on Venus. Astronomers have detected that the atmosphere of Venus consists of 0.002% water vapor. Compare that to the Earth’s atmosphere, which contains 0.40% water vapor. venus also doesn't have seasons Venus doesn’t have nice warm summers and cooler winters like Earth; in fact, the surface of Venus experiences barely no temperature variations at all. So dont bring a sweater because you will never need it .

going home ?
if you wanna go home you have to request a special plane that can stand Venus's strong air pressure and your giving another injection to return your lungs and body to normal and if they don't give it to you you would feel like your in Antarctica when you reture to earth but i hope you visit again soon and bring a friend
by Marcely Almonte
Hell Fire Agency
Hey you there!
Why else should you go to venus
Go To Venus
well because of the lava flows and you needed injection you will not be affected by lavas extreme heat so you be able to surf lava. You could also hike Venus's tall mountains. But if you looking for excitement you probably want to sky dive where you are shot out of one of many Venus's volcanoes (scientists have identified more than 1,600 major volcanoes or volcanic features on Venus. And there almost too many smaller ones to count.) into the shy then due to Venus's lower gravity of 0.9 you land a little slower but you still will need a parachute. Have a nice landing if Venus's strong wind don't blow you away literally.

yellow class
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