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Van Ee Staalspecialisten (ENG-VERSIE)


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Transcript of Van Ee Staalspecialisten (ENG-VERSIE)

History to date
A solid foundation for the future
Reference projects
Innovative steel collaboration
Our company was established in 1978
From 1 employee to 25 employees at the moment
Continually investing in our people and in the machine park
We took over Hiensch BV in 2010 and Metaluniek BV in 2012 and in 2013 we merged these businesses into Metaluniek Staalspecialisten, an independent company with 23 employees.

This enables us to easily scale up when we need extra capacity.
We deliver steel - from small strips to projects worth more than a million euros.
In addition to various businesses throughout the Netherlands, our clients also include the large builders.
History to date
A solid
foundation for the future:
A great deal of experience with LEAN planning / Better Building Awareness
VCA certificate
From 1 july 2014 CE certificates CC1 to CC4
From 1 july 2014 ISO 9001, NEN 1090 and NEN 3834
Workshop Approval for welding Germanischer Lloyds
Environmental policy plan
Own design engineer
Experience of being a co-maker
Able to change gear quickly, fast delivery times
More than 90% of our clients are return customers
More than just steel (including glass, wood, concrete, stainless steel etc.)
Branches in which
Van Ee Staalspecialisten
is active:
Van Ee Staalspecialisten
Specials and bridges
Dry run
A few reference projects:
Vathorst Shopping Centre
Are you ready
for a 'renewed' innovative steel collaboration with
Van Ee Staalspecialisten?
A great deal of in-house expertise with a practical mindset
Easily approachable and no company secrets - come and see!
If anything should go wrong, we solve it
By undertaking projects ranging from stairs to constructions, including other materials, we take on responsibility for coordination and we take care of that for you, as the client.
our research
it appears that our clients choose us because:
We are service-oriented
We see problems as challenges
Our quotations are complete
Our employees leave a good impression
We are easily accessible and deliver quality
Stairs and railings
On and offshore
Civil engineering
Choose quality;
A great deal of in-house expertise
Own assembly teams
Own spraying premises
Pushing boundaries;
going further where others stop.
Being innovative with steel;
that's our company's philosophy!
choose Van Ee Staalspecialisten!
A great deal of experience with BIM projects
Hospital Meander Medical Centre
ICO Comprehensive School in Amersfoort
National Military Museum in
Vleuterweide Shopping Centre in Utrecht

Town Hall Het Rond in Zeist
For more information visit
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