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Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

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Jasmyn Cella

on 15 August 2014

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Transcript of Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
Protagonist and Antagonist
The protagonist is Harrison Bergeron because he is the victim.

The antagonist Diana Moon Galmpers because she is the one that started the chaos. Not only for Harrison, but for America.
Internal and External Conflict
The internal conflict in Harrison Bergeron is that the handicaps inside or around on people are affecting their internal thoughts and conflicts.
The External conflict of the story is that Harrison Bergeron breaks out of jail, and then attempts to overthrow the government.
Author's Theme
The author's theme of the story is what people would be react if everyone was equal in every single way.
"The year is 2081 and everything is finally equal."
The foreshadowing that I noticed while reading Harrison Bergeron i noticed clues through out the story that the Handicapper General isn't what she seems to be.
What is ironic that I noticed through out reading Harrison Bergeron, is that the story makes reader expect Harrison to “overthrow” the government, but in the end of the story, he ends up dead by the H-G.
Rising Action
The H-G men took Harrison away
Mr. Bergeron was forced to wear a mental handicap radio in his ear.
Mr. Bergeron can’t even think for more than twenty seconds or so.
Mrs. Bergeron wants Mr. Bergeron to tale off his handicaps.
Mr. Bergeron told her that if he does he will be in jail for two years.
Falling Actions
Harrison breaks out of jail.
Harrison is broadcasted on the news.
Tells a ballerina to be his empress.
Diana Moon Gampers storms into the room with a shotgun.
Harrison Bergeron, age fourteen, escapes from jail, where he attempts to overthrow the government.
Harrison Bergeron and the ballerina are shot and were dead before they hit the ground. Mrs. Bergeron sees him being shot and then instantly forgets what happened as soon as Mr. Bergeron walks into the living room.
The setting of the story is that the author takes Harrison's parents George and Hazel and uses their perspective in what the Handicapper General had done to people. The H-G has put a little mental handicap radio in George's ear that way he can't think of one thing for more than 20 seconds or so, so he can not try to overthrow the government - like his son did.
Point of View
From George's point of view, he wants to be able to think about things more into depth, but the mental handicapper makes loud irritating sounds in his ear. For example, in the story, it says "... a buzzer sounded in George's head. His thoughts fled in panic, like bandits from a burglar alarm." George keeps trying to think about serious thinking when they come up but he can't focus at all because of the sounds.
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