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BM - Bosch Case

No description

John Hansel

on 7 July 2013

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Transcript of BM - Bosch Case

Abhyudaya // Natharali Razvi // Darsa // Santosh // Jitin // Mrinalini // John Hansel
Bosch In India
Team Aaker
- Does the "Bosch" position gel with the aftermarket consumers ?
- Need for an Umbrella brand ?
- What's the effect on the brand ?
- How to handle corporate branding ?
- Started in 1951 as brand MICO
- Business Segments : Automotive Tech, Industrial Tech, Consumer Goods
- 90% revenues from Automotive: (60% OEM’s and 40% Aftermarket)
- 2004 : Decides to align the brand with the Global Corporate Brand "Bosch"
MICO to Bosch Transition
- Project B3: Phase I - “Power of We” & Phase II - “Invented for life”
- Target Audience: Media, Employees, OEMS, Opinion Leaders, Aftermarket
- OEM’s, Car Owners, Media, Opinion Leaders: Bosch scored more than MICO on Brand personality
- Aftermarket: MICO’s awareness/position is still better than BOSCH.
Project B3 Results
What should Bosch India do ?
Aftermarket products under the MICO brand
Maintain a family of brands
Thank You
Does the "Bosch" position gel with the aftermarket consumers ?
Need for an Umbrella brand ?
What's the effect on the brand ?
How to handle corporate branding ?
MICO still strong in the Evoked set model
MICO still a stronger brand than Bosch
Loosing out to competition
- Retain the MICO brand for the aftermarket products
- Position it for: "Quality and reliability" (as it has always been known)
- If corporate branding is a must: Place logo in the background
- Even TODAY the MICO brand has not been completely killed
*Source - Company website
( Recall : Aftermarket 40% of automotive revenues => Problem )
- Bosch in 2008 has improved over Bosch in 2004
- Yet compared to MICO it has a weaker Brand personality
Brand identity and attitude
Brand attitude and perception
Brand attitude and perception
MICO, 2008
Bosch, 2008
MICO, 2008
Bosch, 2008
MICO, 2008
Bosch, 2008
Brand personality
- The power of a brand is inversely proportional to its scope
Compromise positioning
- Dilution occurs when products of different characteristics are put under the same brand.
(EX : BMW - "Ultimate driving machine")
- Bosch "Innovation" tag on aftermarket products with relatively lower innovation component
- Often trying to fit in different products result in a compromise positioning
- Preferable to strongly differentiate, to better compete
- Diesel systems -> "Innovation"; Aftermarket -> "Quality and reliability"
- Brands are brands, companies are companies
- Customers buy brands NOT companies
- Brands should remain customer focused
If corporate branding is needed
- Use Bosch logo in the background
No company name
In the background
Equal weight
- Aftermarket parts have relatively lower innovation component
- Aftermarket consumers : mechanics, truck drivers ... use aftermarket to mostly for repairs
- They may seek quality and "what generally has worked for them"
- "Quality and reliability" could be a more apt positioning for aftermarket parts
- Bosch : "Innovation" Vs MICO : "Quality and reliability"
- Some products may fit the "Innovation" tag backed by consumer requirement for it
Promising innovation
Product "not so" innovative
Weak / diluted
Name change
- loss of 50yrs
- emotional connect
(in percentages)
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