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How psychology benefits society & improves people's lives

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Shauna Langdon

on 31 August 2013

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Transcript of How psychology benefits society & improves people's lives

How Psychology Benefits Society & Improves People's Lives
Three Examples
Sub fields of Psychology
Link for Additional Information
Example #1
If a child in school has a learning disability, a psychologist may come in and evaluate him/her and figure out how the best way to teach him/her is. They will also evaluate in which type of situations the child learns best and might even prescribe the child medication to help with the impairment.
Example #2
Psychology can also help by applying psychological principles to benefit businesses. Instead of a bunch of people in an office having different personalities, the owner could have people take personality tests before hiring them to see if they would be a good fit (personality wise) with the business.
Example #3
Not only does psychology help kids with learning and adults with business but it helps everyone with health and illness. Psychologists can go and study how people get sick, why they get sick, and under what conditions they are most vulnerable to get sick. They can also research what medications or practices will help them become healthier and stay healthy.
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