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Music Festival

No description

Cún Pé Xíu

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Music Festival

FESTIVAL INTRODUCTION Guest Ticket: 4000 Purpose Time: 6 pm - 12 pm Organizers Date: 16/4/2013 Place: My Dinh Stadium K-Pop: Super Junior, Big Bang, T-ara V-Pop: Thu Minh, My Tam, The Men US-UK: Rihana, Lady Gaga, One Direction Production Manager: Son Hoang Sound Manager: Huyen Anh Price: 1.5-3 million VND Discount: 15% for 10 first groups with more than 20 people PlAY GAMES JOINING MUSIC MAIN ACTIVITIES NIGHT PARTY For music loving people to meet and join music together For fans to see and communicate with their idols Picture Manager: Thuy Linh Listen to the idols singing Singing and Communicate with them Perfect Couple Signature, poster and album of one of the idols Sing and dance freely Communicate with other people JOIN A WONDERFUL NIGHT WITH US THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING wELCOME TO
OUR MUSIC FESTIVAL Free: balloons,water Re-drawing Sticker Style Prize Spend 10% of money from selling tickets on charity Have supper CONCLUSION Don't Do Be on time Buy tickets from faction tickers Bring food and litter Be polite Cheer extremely
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