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Sarah Gammie

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

stepping into the future
Our aims
Health and Aging
Education and Employment
Climate Change and Energy
Families, Housing, Community and Indigenous Affairs
To guide Australia in to a prosperous future
Build upon foundation and create a strong Australia from the bottom upwards.
Enabling the Youth of Australia to reach their full potential and become a more positive part of society
To create a more sustainable economy
to create a highly successful education system
To heighten Australia's GDP

Want to improve the quality of life for Australians of all ages to achieve a prosperous Australia

“Grow Up Smiling” – Australians aged 2-17, reduced costs for specialist services

“Living Longer. Living Better” – more funding for residential care to provide more facilities

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) – Increased medicare levy will aid Australians suffering from significant disabilities
1. Business/finance manager for every school to free up the Principal so they are able to be an educational leader not an administrator
2. Increased funding for teacher professional development
3. Consistent approach/infrastructure so that all students may have access to technology/mobile learning on a 1:1 basis
Australian Prosperity Party
Were listening and we have a plan for real action
How We will do this
We will replace the existing Medicare Teen Dental Plan when it comes into action on the 1st January 2014. We would like to change this coming service so it can cover up to 15% of specialist funds e.g. orthodontist and periodontist
660.3 million dollars’ worth of funding for residential care
provides $3.7 billion dollars over 5 years so the aged care system is better,

The National Disability Insurance Scheme, also known as the NDIS is a new lifelong service that will provide care and support for people who suffer from a significant physical or mental condition.
To create a sustainable environment to benefit this generation and generations to come
•Increase our sustainable energy resources
•Eradicate the tax on methane produced by livestock
•Introduce a mining tax
•Increase funding for climate change and energy
Re-introducing the Baby bonus back to $5000
The Awareness Campaign of the Aboriginal Scholarship benefit
Helping and Developing plans to help the homeless and strengthen the community.
Bringing back the baby bonus to $5000
Having teams which will go out to aboriginal communities and speak to them about these opportunities, as well as the flyers that will be sent out which give a description of the opportunities and how they can obtain the scholarships.
To do this we will invest 300,000 into homeless prevention as well as rent assistance
How we will do this
Foreign companies primarily own our mines and resources. This means that this money is leaving our economy. When companies earn 6% or more over their capital investment, they will be required to pay 40% in tax
We will increase the funding given to climate change and energy from $2.7 billion per year to $4 billion.
We will build more sustainable energy plants such as wind farms and hydro stations. We will also create a greater push on using solar power for hot water and other electrical needs in one’s home and business. We will increase funding for research into renewable energy sources
We will eradicate the methane tax on livestock so that our farmers do not have to bare an unreasonable and unachievable burden.
1) It is our proposal, therefore, that a Business Manager be appointed to every school so that the principal may be freed up to concentrate on the educational aspects of the running of a school.
2) We intend to provide funding so that teachers are able to spend time engaged in professional development activities as part of their working week.
3) We would provide infrastructure, such as school Wi-Fi, and support systems such as the availability of technology specialists to service schools, to ensure the successful utilisation of this program.
How We will do this
How we will do this
The APP is putting Australia First
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