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No description

Ryan Theman

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Delaney

Ryan James Concannon Fields Ryan James Concannon Fields was born on August 14, 2000. He was born at the Laconia hospital. Ryan received his second middle name Concannon from his mom's last name. Ryan has two little sisters, Macey, who is four and Molly, who is eleven. Ryan is a good roll model for his little sisters. Ryan had a close relationship with his grandfather. Ryan liked to watch movies with him about history and James Bond. Ryan's grandfather, named James Concannon, passed way last July of old age on Tremont Street. Ryan was sadder than if he had to give up hockey. Therefor he was close to his grandfather. One of Ryan's favorite pastime activities is to play hockey for a team called the Lakers. He played for six years as there center. One time Ryan scored two goals in one game. It was the most goals out of everyone on his team for one game four years ago. One day Ryan wants to make the pros. The happiest moment of his life was when he was seven years old and he had a breakaway . So he dribbled and shot around the goal. The puck went into the goal.The game was over and Ryan and his team won the tournament. Ryan was very happy. Ryan lives on Gale Avenue in a big blue house. He has a large back yard and a swing set. Ryan's bedroom is small and blue with a blue bed. His desk is neatly organized and he has posters of Chara, who is a hockey player. Ryan loves his house almost as much as he made his first goal.
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