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Qatar Airways

marking project ameena and maryam

ameena al-mohammed

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Qatar Airways

contents: - History
-vision, mission and goal
-Marking strategy
-what we learn.. Qatar Airways has already been selected the first Rank in the world as per Sky Tracks indicator. Qatar Airways is a five star, the first growing Airlines in the world has to keep this indications for the future to offer the best service with the best reliable Airplanes to the customers Vision, Mission and Goal Mission Development History -Establish in November 22, 1994 A.D
with 4 Aircraft
-Owned by State's Royal Family
- World's fastest growing 5 star rated Airlines Company
-Expertise in:
*Fast Service
*Luxurious Service
*Customer Based Service Vision excellence in everything the core of Qatar Airways operations is to make every flight you take a memorable experience. Goal Qatar Airways has achieved main goal to be the best in the world and reach the pinnacle of the airline industry for outstanding in-flight service and superior on board products. Marketing Strategy: Qatar airways goals for the immediate future and
long term are, to be the best in every venture it
undertakes; to meet its customers' expectations profitably,
to contribute to the success of Qatar,
and to make the city the new global aviation hub for the
21st century SWOT O S trength 1.High standards of performance, including safety, security and customer and
have unique services

2. Strong Backing of Qatar Government

3. Advantage of Being Present in Oil Rich state

4. Operates in over 100 international destinations

5. Has a strong workforce of nearly 20,000 employees

6. Qatar Airways has a fleet size over 100 aircraft carrier

7. Marketing well financed and managed

8.First in providing a variety of customer-oriented services regarding
comfort, convenience and luxury

9.Winner of several important awards eakness W pportunity 1.Qatar is rapidly increasing its tourism
2.The Airlines is a key factor in this development
3.The Airlines is the visible front-door to Qatar
4.The Airlines is gaining an important
reputation in the region and in Europe and
its other sites hreats T 1. Increasing Competition in Middle East market
2. Increasing fuel prices and economic pressures that reduce travel
3. Unfavorable scenarios due to Government policies and regulations what we learn from Qatar airways? "Product Differentiation" key to success.
Qatar airways focused on quality of service they proved to make the client
Reason behind success "Technologically Updated system". AIRWAYS QATAR 1. Qatar need to move its status from a regional player to global player.
2.Qatar Airways logo uses an animal
(Arabian oryx) that may be familiar to people in the Arabian Gulf, but not to people outside the region. References: presenters:
Ameena Al-Mohammed
Maryam Bukshaisha - www.Qatarairways.com
- Skytrax, (April 26, 2004) http://www.airlinequality.com/news/260404-qatar.htm- Airhighways Magazine, (n.d) http://www.airhighways.com/airlines_qatar.htm
- Kaur, Kelly. (2005). Qatar Airways, Marketing and Communication- Al-Baker, Akbar. (21 Sept. 2005), Qatar Airways, Tourcom, Amman, Jordan http://vimeo.com/40514013
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