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Filles Du Roi

No description

Hannah Dulong

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Filles Du Roi

What was their impact on New France?
The Filles du roi impact on New France was fairly large. In the long run they brought up the population colonizing the land, stabilizing the economy. Today when I look at the population of Canada today I use to just see people and people and people. Now I see that the present relies on the past, the past dictates the future. Without the Filles du roi New France would've constantly be sending troupes to protect the few colonies and potentially lost the colony due to the small population, and lack of females.
The Filles du Roi travled by ship across the Atlantic ocean for upwards of three months. This ship was crowded, and unsanitary. Many of these women also suffered from diseases scince they traveled alongside farm animals like pigs, cows and chickens.The Filles du Roi were also shoved in small rooms and fed very little. Usually they were fed dry biscuits.
What was the Filles du Roi's daily life like?
Why did the Filles du Roi immigrate to New France?
In France they where over populated with women, but in New France it was exactly the opposite. This led to European Men marrying First Nations Women and having children with mixed blood (Metis).
Louis XIV bribed/forced these woman to immigrate to New France to establish a home and family. King Louis XIV wanted the Filles du Roi to immigrate to New France to colonize the land, so he could control the new world and its people, to bulid a new empire.

Who are the Filles du Roi?
The Filles du Roi were approximately 800 young orphans and farm girls. King Louis XIV and his men bribed/took these woman held them captive put them on a ship and made them immigrate to New France to colonize the land and even out the gender ratio. Many where forced, bribed, beaten or starved.
What issues did these Women face?
One of the issuse these women faced was freedom and the way they where treated. They where bribed onto ships and crammed into little unsanitary rooms with little food for upwards of to 3 months. Also many times their husband would beat them and their was no way they could stop them, because they could only divorce them if they beat them with a stick larger than their wrist. If they could then prove they were beat with that size a stick they then had their freedom.If not they where stuck with a abusive man, no freedom what so ever. They were basically like property before they where married. These women died from childbirth, little medical help, cold climate, diseases, food shortages and First Nations attacks.
What was the Filles du Roi's Purpose in New France?
The Filles Du Roi’s purpose in New France was to establish a husband home and family.There were approximately 800 women that were sent to New France between 1663 and 1673 and were given this task.

Filles Du Roi

What was their mode of transportation in getting to New France?
When the Filles du Roi arrived in New France they were usually kept with a convent, untill a marrige ceremony where men would take their pickings. Once married these women left with their new husbands to their new home.
They settled near Quebec, but some traveled farther up the river and settled their. they lived in rough huts or a log cabin which they would have helped build. If they lived on a farm they would have eaten what they farmed, which most likely would have been corn, tobacco, wheat, barely and oats. As soon as a Fille du roi had married they would start having children as many 10 to populate the colony.
Did they have any interaction with the First Nations?
Yes. Their interaction was like many other settlers. They might have had a husband that worked in the fur trade and seen first nations all the time, but if not they might have seen a First Nation once in a while but rarely. But, once in a blue moon a Filles du oi might marry a First Nation.
What was the situation in New France before they arrived?
Between the early 1600's and 1663 New France was a colony under control and management of merchants and commercial companies from French cities across the Atlantic.Their primary duties in the new colony was to develop the land in New France in order to produce resources to send back to France. Unfortunately interest in the economy, over took the interest in the colonization of the land. This fact left New France as a colony of men, with a gender ratio of 6 men to 1 women.
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