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Life in London during the early 1600's

No description

Rachelle Carboner

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Life in London during the early 1600's

Life In London During
The 16th Century. Rebecca & Rachelle London was a very smelly place. Butchers would skin and gut animals and then throw unwanted pieces in the river. People also bathed, washed laundry and did much more in the river. The smell was not the only bad thing, London was a very dangerous place to be in. There was danger in the crowded streets & the intense crime in the poor parts of the city. Atmosphere Woman were treated like inferior
beings and men were the main
source of money. Men And Women Women were expected to make all of the
clothes, food and look after the children.
Higher class women did not have to
do any of the hard work that lower class
women do. They are treated as class not as
trash, because they have money, they can
have a staff to do all of the work. Women Men were expected to have jobs
so they can provide for their families.
they were expected to do "mens work"
such as working in the field ect. A man did
not do "womens work" such as
cleaning,cooking ect. they were
treated with respect. Men The poorest people would be those who
owned no land at all, and who would make a
living working as labourers for other farmers or
for the lord of the manor. Many people worked as
servants, they didnot get payed alot but they
got food and a place to live. if they wern't
servents they generally live in poor conditions
with lots of illness and faced alot of violance. Lower Class Life The majority of people that lived in London were either poor or middle class. Middle class men had the option to work for staff but did not need to as they had different options such as farming or trading. middle classed people generally got married in their twenties and lived up to their 60's. Middle class Life Only richer families that could afford to send their children to school. Most people in that era could not read, so shops would have pictures outside instead of words. Teachers were very harsh and used the cane on a lot of children, they had a 0 tolerance policy, so children could not talk in class, draw on their hands or answer back rudely. The headmaster would usually come into the classes to inspect the children and would ask questions and check their appearance. If a child's appearance was too bad or if they couldn't answer a simple question, they were beaten with the cane. Women only went to school until
they were ten years and then they were pulled out to stay at
home and help the mother and what not. EDUCATION Most people still lived in the country, and often there was no doctor nearby, and if there was they might not be able to afford him anyway. So most people used home remedies, and the housewife was expected to be the family doctor. Books on household management for women contain lengthy chapters on how t omake cures for a wide variety of diseases, Gervase Markham's book The english Housewife contains recipes for over 250 different cures for disease. Medicine Most people still lived in the country, and often there was no doctor nearby, and if there was they might not be able to afford him anyway. So most people used home remedies, and the housewife was expected to be the family doctor. There were lots of home remedies. People who were rich lived in the lap of luxury. they had maids to clean for them, they had chefs to cook for them, they had nannies to take care of their children for them, they had people to go into town and do tasks for them. they had very luxury lives and they knew it. High Class Life Common jobs Poor people were required to have jobs so they that they could provide for they're family. Most times you would find them working as followed; a tutor, a shoemaker, baker, farmer ect. Middle class men were often found doing the same types of work as the poor. Rich people were looked at to be leisurely people. They were not meant to have jobs or to take care of their children.
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