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Innovations Project: QR Codes

Path of community's use of innovation

Angela Gabaldon

on 28 February 2017

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Transcript of Innovations Project: QR Codes

1994: Invented by Toyota subsidiary
Denso wave: improve vehicle tracking.
July 1 - December 2010 saw a 1200%

QR Codes Within a Community
1. Nutrition & Ingredients of a meal
2. Video of meal preparation
3. Visual introduction to kitchen staff
4. Specials &/or Coupons
5. Payment options
1. Designer biography
2. Loyal customer sweepstakes
3. Recommended accessories for garment
4. Material used & where manufactured
4. Store link
5. New season promotion
School &

1. Book Tracking
2. Faster check-in/check-out
3. Interactive link between the book & relational videos or websites
4. Fast link to promotional events
1. School & Athletic events
2. Student ID:
a. demographics
b. attendance
c. fees/dues
d. schedule
3. Teacher website
4. Rubrics: Link to helpful websites or further tutorials
5. Posters: Interactive promotion of message or event
1. Ticket payment
2. Posters: view movie trailer
& reviews
1. Payment/Selection
2. View movie trailer
3. Link to games and/or other merchandise related to movie
1. History of the establishment
2. Current staff on duty
3. Entertainment Promotions:
a. recent past, current & future
b. Introduction of entertainment members
** Video of their recent performances
4. Readable offerings in a dark setting
a. drink ingredients
1. Industry/Product
2. Mission Statement & Business Ethics
3. Business card: extended personal introduction
4. Clients/Audience
1. Recruitment Center: if recruiter is absent, informational video of military branch runs.
2. Weaponry inventory, equipment instruction manual, and current directive link
3. Dog-Tags: more efficient & up-datable
Market Place
STORE (Food or General Product)
1. Product website
2. Coupon or Reward offers
3. Sweepstake entry: without needing to purchase product
4. Price comparisons to other stores or products
5. a. Food: Nutritional information
b. Merchandise: conditions of manufacturing
c. Ingredients or Materials used
6. Promotion of social media and user loyalty
1. Discounts
2. Future version peeks
3. Additional play
4. On-line player connection
1. Routes
2. Buy Pass

1. Travel Agent Website/Bio
2. Virtual travel to location
3. Flights
4. Hotels
a. Reviews
b. Local interests
c. Available transportation
d. WIFI accessibility
1. Candidate bio &
2. Campaign Trail tracking
3. Rally Speech
4. Polling
1. Dealership
2. Salesperson
3. Vehicle models availability & reviews
4. Current Promotions
5. Financing Options
1. Price of home & pictures (video tour)
2. Realtor information
3. Community access
4. Financing

This amount is split evenly between employer and employee.
Cause for concern:
--Smaller current workforce
--Longer life-spans
--More claims of disability or death

**The Social Security Act passed 1935
It is estimated that 8% to 10% is used to pay off the interest accumulated on the federal debt.
As of 9/14/2012 at 6:45 a.m.: over $16 trillion . (16,026,315,600,000)

Collected by federal government and redistributed throughout society:
-Welfare Programs
-Research facilities
Students have 15-minutes to copy notes from a neighbor if they missed the last two days of class.

Crossword will be completed Individually

NO Talking. Grade will be 0% (OR evidence of cheating)
Crossword TEST
Sick: Sick days accumulated. Normally can use 1-3 at a time. After 3 days, must provide a doctor’s note or if the employer suspects misuse. **Misuse may be cause for dismissal (firing).
Specific Pay Terms Continued
Vacation: Number of days available (must clear with employer before taking)—some jobs accumulate overtime, some are use/or lose by Dec. 31st.
Some employers will pay unused leave days if/when an employee leaves
Specific Pay Terms Continued
Pay Ending: When pay period ends
Year-To-Date: Amount paid since January 1st.
Specific Pay Terms Continued
Gross Pay: Pay before deductions
Net Pay: Pay after deductions
Period Beginning: When pay period begins
--Many employers hold back one pay period. (It does catch up when/if the employee leaves)
Specific Pay Terms
Usually 50/50 payment with employers.

Eligible at age 60
401K—Retirement Investment
Health: 3%-10% of paycheck to help pay premiums.
-Employee will receive a medical practioner handbook ***read it. Lists:
*doctors *covered conditions
*breakdown of costs per condition
Employer Deductions
If the taxpayer claimed the maximum exemptions, not enough taxes may not have been collected. So, when tax forms are filed there may be the need to repay the money back to the state in one lump sum.
W-4 continued
When taxes are filed, a rate table has calculated how much taxes should have been withheld throughout the year.
If the maximum was withheld, the taxpayer may receive a refund to compensate for possible over withholding.
W-4 continued
IF the employee claims zero (0) exemptions, then the maximum amount will be withheld.
The employee may claim more exemptions to have less taxes withheld
W-4 continued
Signed at the beginning of every new job.
Employee writes the amount of exemptions to withhold every paycheck.
W-4 Withholding Form
If the work state has a reciprocity agreement with the resident state, the state income tax is applicable to the resident state.
State Income Tax Continued
If a person works in a particular state but lives in another, they may be subject to state income tax in either their work or resident state.
State Income Tax Continued
Covers only approximately 80% of most medical care.
Does not cover prescriptions.
Medicare Supplemental insurance may need to be subscribed in order to take over where Medicare stops.
Medicare Continued
A person is eligible for Medicare at age of 65—same as Social Security.
Covers medical costs rendered in the United States.
-Not applicable if living or even traveling in another country.
Medicare Continued
Also known as FICA:
-Federal Insurance Contributions Act Tax
-Funds Medicare (health costs) and supplements Social Security (living costs)
-Employers and Employees split cost of 12.4% of each paycheck.
Purpose: Helps the federal government fund various economics, national infrastructure (bridges and roads), and paying off national debt.

Paid completely by employee
Federal Income Tax
Diffusion Network
QR Codes
Bonus/Commissions/Tips: Extra compensation earned.
Specific Pay Terms Continued

Regular: Pay up to 40 hours
Overtime: Pay past 40 hours. Usually paid at time-and-a-half (1.5).
Specific Pay Terms Continued
Conditions to receive:
-Must work a specific time range or to a specific age
-Pays a certain percentage of last paychecks: usually 80%.
Pension—Employer Retirement
If there is no reciprocity agreement between the resident and work state, then the income tax is paid to the work state only.
State Income Tax Continued
These are used to fund state programs such as:
-correctional and rehabilitation facilities
-public schools
-health care
State Income Tax
Collected by federal government to supplement income of disabled and retired population.

Current workforce supplements current disabled, dependants of deceased who are under 18 years of age, and retired population.
Social Security Tax
QR Codes
Tracking package route

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Compatibility in the adoption of this innovation
appears to be more successful in larger urban
populated cities with corporations that have more money to invest in the technology & its promotion-technology clusters.
The relative advantage of a QR code is
that it creates a collaboration between businesses/industries/interests and economic advantages result for each.
QR codes offer positive incentives because
a successful scan provides immediate response
to a direct query. There is no “surfing” a web site seeking particular information.
QR codes have an advantage in that they
can be read with a mobile reader on/through
ANY surface. Example: Comic Jimmy Fallon
recently chose to hold up the band’s
QR code instead of their CD for promotion.
Why you should use QR codes. Retrieved from web site: http://www.trackqrcodes.net/

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Adopting the innovation of QR codes
is a reflection of a form of social status
because the main target of these codes
are to people who own smartphones &
subscribe to a specific level of phone service
enabling web browsing.
http://zxing.appspot.com/generator/ proves the
complexity level of creating a personalized QR code is low.
It allows the creator to select one of nine categories:
a. Calendar b. Contact
c. Email d. Geographic mapping
e. Phone number(s) f. SMS
g. Text h. URL
QR codes have been around since they were created by
Densa wave in 1994, but the rate of adoption was slow
to catch on until the advanced technology of smartphones
within the last five (5) years made it more user friendly.
I intend to examine how various industries are using the QR matrix code, the process it takes to create a personalized QR matrix code, whether there may be ethical violations to a person’s privacy/scamming/Trojans when the QR code is scanned, as well conduct a survey of various populations in order to confirm the rate at which this re-invented form of the barcode is either being accepted and discarded; and why.
These square codes take the 1-dimensional barcode and
transform it into a 2-dimensional code that not only tracks,
but also creates hyperlinks to the creator. These hyperlinks
can be to websites that enable text, audio, video, as well
as interactive capabilities.
QR Codes
QR code for Angela Gabaldon
Diffusion of Innovation
QR Codes
Memorial pictures/videos obituary
Full transcript