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Social Media in the Workplace

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jessica rodenbeck

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Social Media in the Workplace

Real life Situations
Jessica Rodenbeck | Jaclyn Bauer | Amanda Kennedy | Ryan Simmermeyer
Pros of Social Media:
Marketing (reaching audiences)
Company Pages
Employee engagement and knowledge-sharing
Cons of Social Media:
Malware Risks
Employee Relations
Self Branding
Employer/Employee Policy
Policies/blocking sites
Employer perspective/etiquette

Real life Situations:
Positive situations
Negative Situations
Cons : Jaclyn
(Policy/ Site Blocking)
Company Policy:
Social Media in the Workplace
Leadership Presentation
Employee productivity decreases by 1.5 %
1 out of 10 workers spends more time on social media then they do working
6 out of 10 people visit social media sites during work
workers are interrupted once every 10.8 mins by notifications
It then takes them 23 minutes to get back on task
Opening corporate network to malware damaging company computers and software
Create an entrance point for hackers, security breaches, and place viruses that can corrupt systems
Off the clock posting
Company Slander

Employee Relations
Boilermaker Media
ANSC 38100
Situation #2
Positive Situations
-Houston's Restaurant Myspace group was created for employees to vent about work

-Nationwide Insurance, OCE, and Qualcomm use Yammer (a twitter-like sharing platform) which helps their employees connect from different regions & geographic regions across the globe

-BT & TELUS (telecommunication companys) use Microsoft SharePoint system Dare2Share to encourage employees and the public to view, find, and share learning materials that can then be discussed and help the companies
Improper use of information causing discrimination during recruitment process
Lawmakers concerned about social media policy asking for user name & passwords prior to hiring
Currently, 25 states have passed legislation protecting user passwords from employer access, and more states are in the process of following suit.
Impact On Your Personal Brand
Social Media in the Work Place
Here are some of the top reasons employers dropped a potential employee:
Candidate posted provocative/inappropriate photos/info on social media – 50 %
There was info about candidate drinking or using drugs on social media– 48 %
Candidate bad mouthed previous employer on social media – 33 %
Candidate had poor communication skills – 30 %
Candidate made discriminatory comments related to race, gender, religion, etc. – 28 %
Candidate lied about qualifications – 24 %

social media use prohibited during school hours.
The Pre-College days
Often times these sites were blocked on school computers
Cell phones were most common way to use these sites during school
Use led to punishment
The College Years
The Work Environment
example of social media policy at each extremity
Ex)Rose Acre Farms blocks all sites that are not used for farm business and social media use is prohibited except when you are on break
Ex)Google gives their employees free range of social media, encourages its use and does no site blocking
-Social media is a beneficial tool if it is used appropriately

-If social media is used inappropriately there can be consequences.

-It is important to check your companies policy of social media usage.

-It is important to educate employees on social media usage.
Depending on where you work social media may either be permitted or prohibited
The main reason social media policy is put in place is to help protect the company' name and its employees
Policy is also used to maintain staff morale by keeping employee's complaints private
Depending on the professor, college may completely contradict what we were taught in earlier years
This minimal policy may lead to confusion upon graduation and entering the real world
Drafting a Policy
There are four main parts that a company uses when making their social media policy
1) Be specific
2)Implement a social media training program
3)Help your employees become brand ambassadors
4)Trust employee's judgement
Situation #1
-Dominos Pizza employees prank video uploaded to Youtube
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