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Fighting Fake News for SLIC Digital Champions

SLIC Digital Champions Meeting 28th June 2017

on 25 January 2018

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Transcript of Fighting Fake News for SLIC Digital Champions

Fighting Fake News

SLIC Digital Champions
28th June 2017


What is fake news?

1. Fake news websites
deliberately spread disinformation, propaganda and hoaxes

2. Fake news websites are
not humorous

or satirical websites e.g. The Daily Mash, The Onion

3. Fake news is often
based on a real facts but is distorted

4. Fake news stories are usually
spread via social media websites e.g. Facebook, Twitter

5. Fake news feeds on
confirmation bias/filter bubble
Further useful resources

Scottish Government Library's Quick Guide on evaluating information & fake news

Response to fake news: fact checking

fact check
Other responses to fake news

report fake news
Storify of tweets from #uklibchat on
fake news on Tuesday 6th June 2017
Some libraries working with their organisation’s communications team to fact check mentions of their organisation
IFLA poster is used in many libraries and recognised by
most of the group
Librarians are doing it already -
providing information literacy skills
but aware this needs to include news sources
Some university libraries are now deciding to specifically do fake
news evaluation
Teens have trouble spotting fake news

Older generation trust newspapers

Celebrity versus expertise
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