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Katie McGreevey

on 5 July 2013

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Transcript of P2

Describe discriminatory practice in health and social care
A judgement made about someone without really knowing the facts. You may have negative thoughts when you see certain people.

Prejudice is judging someone due to their appearance rather than getting to know them before you judge, so judging them prior to knowing them

An identified version of prejudice is when people say that they are not speaking to them because they are from a different country.

Prejudice in a health and social environment is someone saying that they are not speaking to someone because they are in set 4 and that means they are dumb.
Stereotyping is dangerous and discriminatory . children usually develop this habit because of what they learn from adults. Stereotyping is obviously a dangerous thing to do in the health and social care profession, as it leads to wrong assumptions and discriminatory practice, which is illegal and could lead to someone being harmed.
Stereotyping is classing someone as something just because of how they look based on other people who look like them and what others do, it is judging someone on how they look and other people who look similar.
An example of stereotyping is saying all blondes are dumb, all skinheads are violent and all hippies are obsessed with peace and love.
An example of stereotyping in a health and social care environment is saying that all year 7s are annoying when in fact there are probably only a few that are but we base all of year 7s on this minority.
Closely related to stereotyping, Labelling is another discriminatory practice. we all do this, usually without knowing it, especially when we meet someone for the first time. In the health and social care profession you need to be aware of this tendency to label people. Labelling thoughts may come into your head but its what you do with them that's important.
Labelling someone is putting them into a certain catagory based on looks or what you have heard about them, judging them before you know them.
An example of labelling someone is saying that they are fat because they look it, when they may have a health problem.
An example of labelling in a health and social care environment is saying that every person who is in a low set in school is uneducated.
bullying is when an individual or group of people intimidate or harass others.
bullying is singling out people for their differences and disempowering them.
An example of bullying is laughing at
someone in the street because they look different due to a disability.
An example of bullying in a health and social care environment is laughing at someone because they are smart, also calling them names e.g. geek
Abuse refers to a range of negative behaviours that can have the potential to harm or damage individuals in various ways.(Verbal abuse, Psychological abuse, Physical abuse, Sexual abuse, neglect and hate crimes)
Abuse is hurting someone either physically or mentally, it can come in a range of different forms, listed above.
An example of abuse is when a husband beats his wife.
An example of abuse in a health and social care environment is a teacher saying something to undermine a pupil which could be psychological abuse.
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