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Endangered Animals

No description

Makeya McClurkin

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Endangered Animals

Endangered Animals of our World Problems Homes being cut down People killing us for fur Dying of Illness Thesis Solutions Animals Protest Rare animals are becoming extinct
because people are taking over their environment. Animals tell us what their solutions are If it weren't for humans being more industustrailized animals homes would be more protected. They Have a sit in Pollution is also a cause for animals becoming endangered. Then humans kill animals for our own benefit. Advantages Animals will finally get through to the humans Animals can now have conferences demanding what they need Animals can finally stand up for what they beleive in They Strike! They wait outside buildings chanting! We get hit by cars Consequences Business people will lose their land to build on Animals will bring more attention to theirselves causing them to not want to be involved with humans anymore! Works Cited advocacy.britannica.com/.../
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