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geo 07/11/2012

No description

Kelvin Chu

on 10 November 2012

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Transcript of geo 07/11/2012

Religions: Shintoisim, Bud-
Ethnicities: Korean and
Southeast Asians.
National Pastimes: Fish
Market, Shrines, Parks,
gardening, Shibuya Cros-

and Karaoke.
Popular Sporting Activities:
Sumo, Baseball, Football,
Handball, Rugby, Wres-
ling, Boxing, Figure Skat-
ing, Martial Arts. Tokyo , Capital of Japan Natural Sites: Mt Fuji and Hakone Day Tour,
Nikko World Heritage Day Tour, Sunrise Express 2 Day Tour, Sunrise Express 3-Day Tour, Nikko and Ninja Edo Wonderland Day Tour, Sunrise Holiday 5 Day Tour of Toba, Train and Hotel Package - Osaka by Hikari Bullet Train, Hakone and Kyoto 3-Day Tour - Train and Hotel Package. Land Formation:66.7% are Forests,13.9% are cultivated fields, 4.4% are residential areas Roads are 3.1, Water are 3.5 Wilderness are 0.7 and Other's are 7.7. The Location: Center of the Greater Tokyo area, On the Island Of Honshu. Neighbouring Country's Include North And South Korea, China, Taiwan And Russia. Brainstorming Attractions Physical Characteristics Sketches The Flag Of Tokyo 6418 Miles Away from Canada, From Canada to Tokyo is 13 hours and 25 minutes and costs $1200 for a Ticket. Seal Of Tokyo The Symbol Of Tokyo Climate: Moderate but lots of rainy days Size: 2.187km Demographics: Population: 13,189,0001million (2011) Death Rate: 7.811,000
Birth Rate: 1.09% Literacy Rate: 99% Type Of Government: Functions thourgh Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government administers the 23 special local public entities. In the year of 1943, the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly comprises 127 members The Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly is at the head of the organizational structure of the Tokyo Government.The Tokyo Metropolitan Government imposes and collects taxes from the resident members of the 23 local public entities. The Metropolitan Government is responsible for supplying water and electricity to different parts of the local public entities. Disbursement of cash and preparation of budget are important tasks of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Economy: Major Exports: Cars
and electronics. Sources of Employment: Educati-
on, Finance, IT(Electronics), He-
alth care, Construction, Corporat-
e, Culture, Housing, Schools,
Health, Getting Around and
Social. Employment Rate: 4.2
Cost Of Housing: For 2 or More people is
60,000 to 100,000 yen
Conversion: 1 yen: 0.0126 Canadian Dollars
Average Income: about 200,000yen a year. Culture: Foods and Drinks: Top 10 Foods: Mochi, Umi-Budo,
Sushi, Chinaghicdon, Tonkatsu,
Wagyu,Tempura, Ramen Drinks: Coffee, Vending Machines,
Soft Drinks, Sake and Green
Tea. Festivals: Samo Festival
Sanja Festival, Kanda
Festival and Matsuri Festival. Attractions: Man-made Sites:
Tokyo Tower
Hanazono Jinja
Kaminarimon (Kaminari Gate)
Asakusa Shrine
Meiji Jingu Shrine Sources:.tokyo.world-guides.com, Wikipedia, Wiki Answers, http://www.exploringtokyo.com
http://www.mapsofworld.com/cities/japan/tokyo/ Characteristics: Japan is in eastern Asia and contains a curved chain of more than 3,000 islands. There are four main islands named Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. TSummers are temperate everywhere, though with the exception of southern Kyushu all four seasons are prominent. Typhoons are common in the summer. The country is very mountainous. The country contains little to no natural resources.
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