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Principles of Marketing

No description

Mohammed Rady

on 27 March 2018

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Transcript of Principles of Marketing

Market Penetration
Market Sector
A broad way of categorizing the kinds of market
A brief about
Principles of Marketing

managing profitable customer relationships
Presented by : Mohammed Rady
Reference is "Principles of Marketing Book" by Philip Kotler
- keep and grow current customers by delivering satisfaction
Creating a value for the consumer
And A profit for the producer in return
Strong Relationship
- Attract new customers by promising superior value
Understanding The Market
by understanding the concepts of Needs, wants and demands.
States of deprivation (Essential) e.g. You are thirsty.
Product desired (Not Essential) e.g. You want a Coca.
Customer's ability to buy a need of a want. ( Having Money )
the company is aiming for.
Age :
Music / Wifi / Colors / Chairs Types

Gender :
Decoration / Luxuries
Income :
Price of Product
District :
Their Quality of life
Many other categorization methods.
It's a Producer's Choice
Production Concept :
Product Concept :
( Cheap Prics = Spreading )
( Quality of product )
It's a Situation Depending
Market Development
Product Development
sales volume of an existing product compared to the total target market for that product.
strategy identifies and develops new market segments for current products
Creation of products with new characteristics offering new benefits or may be only just a modification of an existing product
Trademark is very important in providing protection for both businesses and consumers, making them a part of running a successful company.
Trademark can be defined as a
design, a logo, an expression or anything
that resembles an organization or a product belonging to a certain person or a firm or an organization
The Effective Message
One characteristic of an effective advertising message
is that it is
to the point
Don't try to tell your customers everything about your product.
Narrow your message and be specific

Be sure you talk about your competitive edge.
What benefit do you offer?

what problem do you solve?

What value is there in buying from you instead of someone else?

Your advertisement should use
. This makes it easier for the customers to get your point.

Feelings (Hearts) Vs. Benefits (Brains)
Mohammed Rady
Presented by
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