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Teacher as Researcher

Action Research in the classroom

Roussel De Carvalho

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of Teacher as Researcher

Results Deciding on a project My Project Myths of Creation 1. Big Bang vs. Ancient Civilization
2. Freedom of Outcome
3. Quality of Information
4. Class Presentation
5. Personal Evaluation 5. 100% said they enjoyed the project, especially the freedom to choose the format of the outcome Teacher as Researcher Allows you to think
about your practice Stop !
Ask yourself:
why do you want to do it? Do you have
the time? Sort out the small print Set dates Title: Coping with a multi-religious
environment in a science class:
The Big Bang Theory &
Myths of Creation *Develop students scientific inquiry skills

*Analyse the evidence for the Big Bang Theory

*Evaluate the differences between science and religion 1. 82% of students said they became more interested in science 3. 90% managed to correctly identify and explain the main pieces of evidence for the Big Bang Theory 2. 76% said they could attempt to differentiate between science and religion 4. 86% said they would question something they have read or heard in the news. What is the impact
- on teaching ? (yours and others)
- on students' learning?
- on the school/community ? -Share your results with colleagues

-Show them the evidence

-Can results be replicated?
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