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MindManager Dashboard Maps

Are you a visual thinker or a lists person? If you use MindManager, a new add-in can give you the best of both worlds - visualization for you big ideas, with automatic lists for staying in control of the detail.

Nick Duffill

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of MindManager Dashboard Maps

I'm more of
a lists person myself Lists are ok, but where's the big picture? Actually, guys,
I use both... Are you a
visual thinker,
or a lists person? I use visual maps for
creating the big picture,
collecting and organizing,
explaining & sharing Lists mean I can stay in control, by
counting & measuring
and taking action MindManager®
draws my maps,
Power Markers™
creates the lists for me Power Markers™
uses color to
show me what needs
attention right now... But wait -

there's less! ...the
price. What
to the
dolphin? Power Markers™
Mindjet MindManager®

Bringing dashboard maps to life. Free for up to 15 lists per map
$79 for unrestricted use
$99 for two licenses ... in my
maps I liked the
dolphin. Did you
say "free"? I love my
visual maps They're very nice, but we're here to work, not play The map is for
visualizing and
organizing... ... and the lists are for taking action http://www.olympic-limited.co.uk/mindmanager-add-ins/power-markers/ The lists are automatically created from the topics in the map
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