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Morris Louis

No description

Abby Tibon

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Morris Louis

Morris Louis

#1: Beta Lambda
I chose Beth Aleph because it is similar to my own paintings.It is Expressionism. This painting also makes me feel happy when I look at it .It is colourful and because the colors blend in well with the others around it which is why it as difficult for me to paint.
Morris Louis birth name is Morris Louis Bernstein. Morris Louis was born on November 12, 1912 and died on September 7, 1962. He worked in Baltimore, New york, and Washington D.C. Morris Louis studied in Maryland Institute of Fine Arts . He worked for the Federal Art Project. His inspirations were a big part of his life an is example is Helen Frankenthaler. He died at the age of 49 years old.
Style & Medium
Morris Louis used stretched canvases, acrylic paint, magna paint,and brushes. Morris Louis was a Expressionism abstract artist. He sometimes stains the canvas before painting so the colors can blend in well in the painting. He usually paints stripes and paints with bright and colourful paint.
#2: Purple Fill
Purple Fill is Expressionism, simple, and blends in well with the other colors which makes it a good example of the artist work and style. The stripes are long and almost completely perfect. I like this painting because it is simple, blends in well with the other colors, and is dark but has lights colors in between.
#3: Beth Aleph
Beth Aleph is Expressionism which is the reason it is a good example of art for this artist work and style. Other reasons are because it is similar to the painting "Dawn" by Morris Louis. The painting is also colourful like his other paintings.It takes up most of the canvas space. Some stripes are dark at the top and get lighter as they go down. Some stripes stay the same the whole way and are not perfectly straight. I like that the painting is colorful, blends in well with the other colors ,and is creative.
Morris Louis inspirations were Jackson Pollock, Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Miro, Kenneth Noland, and Arshile Gorky . His inspirations inspires him to paint expressionism but, they also inspire him to paint cubism.
By: Abby Tibon
Morris Louis Life
I Chose : Beth Aleph
This painting is a good example of the artist work and style because it is Expressionism, has a variety of colors, and simple. Morris painted thick stripes. The stripes are not straight and perfect. It looks like the stripes in the corner are curved. I like that Beta Lambda is simple, goes well with the other colors, and doesn't cover the whole canvas.
Hope you enjoyed my presentation!
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- http://www.sharecom.ca/fenton/louis.html
- http://www.artrepublic.com/biographies/175-morris-louis.html
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