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Copy of Ladurée Prezi - MK554E

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thomas tafanelli

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Ladurée Prezi - MK554E

Our consultant team Kevin Hervé
Morgane Louvet
Antoine Pretet
Thomas Tafanelli
Shreyansh Mehta Our Customer What are we going to cover today #1 SITUATION ANALYSIS # French luxury pastries maker

# Created in 1862 in Paris by Louis Ernest Ladurée

# Takeover by Groupe Holder in 1993

# Slogan ‘Fabricant de douceurs’ ~ ‘Sweets & Gourmandises maker’

# Worldwide best known macaron’s maker

# 26 countries with 38 stores Positioning # Wants to be the ‘Louis Vuitton’  of pastries

# Target high social class customers
traveling a lot
loving french lifestyle (reputation for luxe and elegance)

# Stores open in well known touristic places
(e.g. Champs Elysées) Competitor analysis Strengths Ladurée proof of quality
Good social image
Innovative tastes Weaknesses Sell only in its stores
Very few stores Opportunities Diversification with delicatessen products, cosmetics, candles, home fragrances
Worldwide delivery Threats Very specific market, highly competitive
Competitors already selling on-line #2 OBJECTIVES SWOT Current Digital Ecosystem 22K followers 147K fans 5 Ss SELL Increase sales through our current website SERVE Blog creation
App creation
Service personalization SIZZLE Make each website visit entertaining SPEAK Social media
Word of mouth SAVE Retail VS Online Objectives PART1 To convert 10% of the leads into our website

To deliver 10% of our leads through inbound marketing efforts

To reduce the reliance on PPC activity as a result of better SEO performance (use of better keywords) The main aim is to increase the leads into our website by 10% Objectives PART2 To achieve a CTR (click-through-rate) in excess of 2.3%

2 weeks for the campaign to settle in and adjustments to be made Objective is to drive a further 1,000 clicks a week

To spend on average no more than 2.20 per click

To achieve position 2.3 on average in SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) Why Digital Marketing ?? The aim is to capture the untapped market in different countries

To provide consumer with information so as to create awareness and also brand building through website presence

Transactional website so as to generate a new channel of income #3 STRATEGY SEGMENTATION 3 categories of customers for luxury pastry Weekly purchase TOURISTS LOYAL NEW Discovery products Purchase gifts PERSONA Hi!
I'm Monique,
49 years old Urban lifestyle (living in the main capitals of the world)
High income
Appreciate to go to great restaurants / luxury pastries shops Monique isn't geeky
BUT she is multi-devices accessible TARGETING # Upper socioeconomic class

# People looking for high quality pastries

# Interested by the French lifestyle (gastronomic creativity)

# Tourists (specific location) POSITIONING # Symbol of luxury for pastry

# High prices for macarons

# Large range of tastes

# Authentic and refined products

# French know-how (reputation & elegance) ONLINE VALUE PROPOSITION What we offer?
Virtual agent: like your personal assistant

Which markets do we serve?
Worldwide markets (where Ladurée stores are implemented)

What make us different?
Mailing (luxury one) to its customers base (information about new products ~> e-crm

Social network engagement (e-invitation, private event...)
Blogging, YouTube channel, Pinterest...

App creation ~> Content, Order, Contest, Personalization #4 TACTICS #5 ACTIONS #6 CONTROL WEBSITE ARCHITECTURE - BEFORE TACTICS DIVIDED INTO 3 PARTS ON SITE Ergonomics, design
Newsletters & E-mailing OFF SITE SEM (SEO+SEA)
Billboards purchasing
Partnerships SOCIAL Community & Social Networks
Viral & Buzz Marketing
Contest ON SITE... Leverage the style: re-think the ergomics, the design etc. in order to have a space to sell our products online.

Leverage the content: text, pictures, movies, and 3D view of all our type of macarons.

E-merchandising: optimization of the presentation of our products and of the purchase process
(something easy and simple).

Newsletters & E-mailing: direct action on our client database to improve their loyalty. SEM: key-words purchases such as ‘pastry’, ‘dessert’, ‘macaron’… SEO for the website visibility etc.

Web banners: acquisition of relevant billboards across the web according to our Cost Per Click objectives

Affiliation: Internet user traceability and Cost Per Action thanks to affiliate websites

Partnerships OFF SITE... SOCIAL... Buzz Marketing: an interactive movie creating strong word of mouth Social networks: create a relay of all our offers on Facebook, Twitter, and create a Pinterest account to show directly gastronomic pictures. Relation with influencers: Sending of Ladurée macaron packs to main web-journalist or other influencers. Luxury newsletters Mobile application development: to order our product from wherever you are. Free delivery of macaron packs: up to 5 km from one of our shop. Direct pick-up in shops: client do not have to wait anymore. WHAT DO WE HAVE TO TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION?? Consideration 1: Scalability Will the site perform efficiently through traffic peaks and valleys? Consideration 2: The Product Catalog Will today's catalog schema meet tomorrow's demands? Consideration 3: Business User Control Will my application directly empower my merchandisers, marketing managers and other business owners? Consideration 4: Search How easily can customers find what they want, and how easily can I promote the products I want to push based on customer searchers? Consideration 5: Agility How easily can I implement business requests to monitor and respond to an individual Web visitor's behavior? Consideration 6: Reporting and Analytics Do I have all the features I need to understand my online business? Consideration 7: Standards Is the application built on a standards-based platform? Consideration 8: Integration How easily can the application integrate with my other systems? Consideration 9: Interoperability Does the application function within a service-oriented architecture? Consideration 10: Synergy Will the application support business models beyond B2C e-commerce? Thank you BLOGOSPHERE
FOR US buy here BLUEPRINT Website Design # Find e-commerce solutions
# Template that fit with the business
# Custumised design 75% of web users make judgment on the credibility of the company based on the website design Features # The right tools to help Ladurée Merchandising
Stock control
Affiliate program Support # Online shop never close Choose the right support with the right assistant Security # You must protect... Your CUSTOMER &BUSINESS Being certified Social & Mobile Selling # Use no site campaign
# Use our mobile app
# Blog
# Make it simple to sell & say it It can be the future of LADUREE business New Digital Ecosystem 22K followers 147K fans Selling Build a real e-reputation
Leverage the current good image
Leverage the current customer base WEBSITE ARCHITECTURE - NOW
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