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Copy of Project 1

No description

Jigar Patel

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Project 1

Computers are being used to track down criminals and solve crimes How is technology assisting
investigators? Cameras Which applications are
investigators using? Facebook Investigative Technologies Past Polygraph Instagram YouTube Voice recording software Satellite RFID chip X-rays vans Fingerprint GPS -Polygraph -Radio -Microscopes/DNA -Phone Tapping -The polygraph is a machine that can sense and map an individuals breathing, pulse, perspiration, blood pressure, and galvanic skin response (the skins electrical conductivity) while they are being interrogated. These physiological responses are believed to express stress levels, thereby revealing the lies of the individual being questioned. Phone Tapping -Telephone Tapping is the monitoring of telephone and Internet conversations. Legal wiretapping by a government agency is also called lawful interception. Microscope X-Ray Vans StarChase Pursuit Management System Pros about Technology Tracking Device
Cell Phone GPS The Cons About Technology The rise of technology has led; Fingerprinting Present and Future -Rise of Crime Rates
-Computer Hacking
-Social bubble
no people interaction (face to face) -to peek inside of vehicles, houses, and other buildings -at checkpoints for trucks - which looks like a standard delivery van -takes less than 15 seconds to scan a vehicle -operated remotely from more than 1,500 feet -a small sticky dart containing a micro GPS tracker from the grill of their patrol car onto a suspect’s vehicle -the precinct to monitor the vehicle’s location from a distance, undetected -apprehending fleeing suspects and smugglers. You will be able to view contacts lists, read text massages, view made/received call and see photos. It is also the best technology to track down criminals. Cell phone tracking has been beneficial to not only the department but also the victims of various crimes. Computer Forensic Cameras GPS tracking is the most widely used passive tracking device by law enforcement agencies across the united states because of its durable design and the ability to record over 100 hours of wheels in motion drive time on a single lithium battery cycle. Computer Forensics are helpful when a computer crime has been committed. For a example homicide, financial fraud, drug, and gang members, Child pornography. Cameras have be come one of the best technologies to provide the city with a revenue source. Robotic cameras -When it's too dangerous to send a police officer into an active crime scene -- or in any situation that requires "eyes" -The device has an electric motor and special wheels that allow it to move, climb and explore -There's zero emotional attachment if something happens to the robotic camera. RFID Radio-frequency Identification are used to transfer data through the use of electromagnetic fields. Their purpose is to identify and track objects in a short range vicinity. The Food and Drug Administration has approved the RFID chip and many businesses in the United states are now using these chips as a sort of currency. Every United States passport made post 2007 are equipped with these chips. Reality of RFID Although this might seem proactive against crime, it is at the loss of privacy. Many Americans are currently opposing the implantation of this chip because they feel it takes away from their sense of security. Obviously this technology can solve almost any crime but it seems as if it is a crime itself. Unfortunately many people are choosing to receive these implants because they see it as a convenience. It's like the new iPhone, everyone wants it. -an optical instrument used for viewing and maginify very small objects. Two-Way Radio -A radio that can transmitis and receives information from one radio to another. Technology is also slowly running the world. More people will receive unemployment Technology has become unfair and technology do cost money. Money makes the world and the fines technology go round! http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2012/12/05/red-light-traffic-cameras-have-drivers-seeing-red/ -Fingerprinting has advanced since the beginning of time, presently it is done two ways -The first way is by ink, and grabbing the fingers and putting them in the ink,and then sends it to the police headquarters. -The other way is by laser, there are laser-scanners,which automatically will let you know within a couple of hours whether or not you are guilty of a crime. -In the future,ink-printing will become obsolete,and laser printing will take over.
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