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No description

Tommaso Sucamiele

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Dada

art and literary movement between 1916 and
early 1920s began in ZURICH cabaret Voltaire Founder: HUGO BALL (1886 - 1927) Dada Manifesto terrible state of society, "ultimate
truth", meaningless life Karawane sound poem,
nonsensical words MEANING IN meaninglessness Tristan Tzara (1896 - 1963) KURT SCHWITTERS (1887 - 1948) DUCHAMP marcel main promoter of the movement active for Dada events at Cabaret Voltaire poems: sounds, newspaper fragments, phrases in foreign languages (african dialects) HIS EFFORTS MADE DADA AN INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENT Manifeste Dada 1918 not a direct participant of the movement
in Germany, closer to the Zurich group MERZ is his interpretation of Dada principles “Everything had broken down...new things had to be made from fragments.” ideas of absurdity and "anti-art" Dada expressions
in New York readymade everyday objects become artworks (1887 - 1968) DA dA anti-war, rejection of art standards through anti-art cultural works mixes abstract art, sound poetry and performance art NEW TECHNIQUES collage (everyday paper items) photomontage: portrayal of modern life through pieces of real photos assemblages: "collages" of real everyday objects, trash as well as war objects chaos and irrationality instead of logic and aesthetics Dada is the opposite of art mere act of destruction and sacrilege "dada is nothing and nothing is everything"
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