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The Regions of Texas

No description

Jennifer Ruby

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of The Regions of Texas

The Regions of
TEXAS The Coastal Plains The Central Plains has 23 major cities.
Some of them are Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Dallas, and Glen Rose.

Dallas is a big major city in the Central Plains. Dallas has a lot of noise, and a lot of buildings. F.t. Worth has a lot of stores and a lot of hospitals. The Central Plains There is only 1 landform in the Central Plains and it is the plains. The landmarks of the Central Plains region are the Cross Timbers, Dealey Plaza, and Fair Park. The Great Plains Resources: Mohair
Rich Soils
Natural Gas Lubbock, Abilene, and Amarillo are some of the major cities in this region. In our region, there are some plants,
butthese plants never wear pants.
Bur oak, chokecherry, and others live
here. Mountain mahogany looks lovely
in a mirror. In our region rattle snakes , tarantulas, and bald eagles all live. The Great Plains has lots of
landforms. These include
The Caprock Escarpment,
The Edwards Plateau, and The
Llano Basin. Some well known landmarks are Ja Ranch and Goodnight
Ranch. Some of the major cities are...
Post Oak Belt,
Blackland Prairie,
San Antonio,
Corups Christi,
and last but not least, Austin. The amazing major cities The Outstanding Landforms Rio Grande River,
Piney woods,
Padre Island,
and the famous Barrier Island The Marvelous Landmarks The beautiful landmarks in this region are:
Texas State Aquarium
Apollo Mission Control Center
Dealey Plaza
Espada Aqueduct
Fort Brown
Fort Sam Houston
Brooks Air Force Base
Majestic Theater
Randolph Field Historic District Mountains And Basins!!! Major Cities In Our Region!! El Paso, Midland, Odessa, Alpine, Del Rio,
Langrty, Marfa, Wink, Terlinga, Fort Stockton,
and Presidio Landmarks In Our Region! Plaza Theatre,
National Border Patrol
Museum, Mc.Donald
Observatory. Texas Wildlife The Central Plains wildlife and animals are the black-tailed prairie dog, gray fox, black-tailed jackrabbit, bullfrog, beaver, raccoon, porcupine, hispid cotton rat, ornate box turtle, bobwhite quail, red-shouldered hawk, scissor-tail flycatcher, white-tailed deer, and the Brazillian free-tailed bat. Helpful Resources
gas Landforms Rio Grande, El Capitain Guadelupe Peak, and deserts. Wild Life Road runner, goats, sheep,
wood rats, armadillo, daggers
drawn butterfly, longhorn The Amazing Wildlife in this Region The wildlife found
in this region are:
the white nosed coati, the
roadrunner, the elf owl, the
indio snake, the turkey vulture,
the Bald Eagle, the coyote, the
badger, the black footed ferret,
the black tailed prairie dog, bottle nose dolphin, mountain lion, nine banded armadillo, opossums. PLANTS
The plants of this regions are the pecan tree, the black hickory, the black walnut, the sycamore tree, the burr oak, the prickly poppy, mosquito grass, buffalo grass, and the eastern cottonwood.
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