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Prezi Safety

No description

Alyssa Puhacz

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Prezi Safety

An official
It is extremely important to Prezi that our users
are utilizing our product
in the safest way possible.
This prezi is made especially for
Prezi is for individuals who are
13 years or older
Only one person should have access to each Prezi account
and we don’t encourage users to give out their account details to others.
Prezi Meeting
Prezi Meeting is the safest way to share prezis for a group project to work with your peers.
Please don’t edit a prezi in multiple tabs without using Prezi Meeting.
Use the ‘Invite to edit’ button in Edit Mode.
...or the ‘Edit Together’ button.
Be sure to select the 'Editing' link.
Give this link ONLY to who you would like to join your Prezi meeting.
10 people will be able to edit
Teachers should NOT share email addresses with their students.
This will work if the teacher has an email account through Gmail (doesn’t have to be @gmail, as long as the provider is Gmail).
But if the students do not have their own email accounts, there is a workaround where teachers will be able to monitor each student’s account.
one prezi, all at the same time!
Let’s say there are 15 students in the class that need email addresses
example: john.doe@gmail.com
you can start creating Prezi accounts with john.doe+1@gmail.com for the first student...
john.doe+2@gmail.com for the second student...
...And so on and so forth until each student is assigned an email address.
The teacher should set up his/her email account first.
As a reminder, they can only create Public accounts with this workaround.
The teacher will then get all of the student’s emails. They can even help the student out if they forgot their password by creating a new one for them.
Make sure you write down all the student’s names and which number they are associated with.
This way they will all have their own account!
Always remember to never bully or use Prezi in a hurtful way towards your classmates. Prezi should always be fun and encourage learning through sharing.
For community support and questions visit http://community.prezi.com/prezi
Students and teachers visit http://edu.prezi.com/
For the teacher:
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