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My Brother's Peculiar Chicken

No description

Jonjay Lloyd Tabanao

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of My Brother's Peculiar Chicken

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Peculiar Filipinisms
Central Theme
Confusion About One's Identity
About the Author/ Story
Shared a Photo
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Alejandro R. Roces
- Close familial affinity
- Respect to elders
- Gamblers’ inveteracy of cockfighting
- Stereotypical attitude

My Brother's Peculiar Chicken

Rising Action
Falling Action
Alejandro Roces was a distinguished Filipino short story writer, educator and public servant. The Philippines’ National Commission for the Commission and Arts named him as a National Artist in 2003 for his efforts and contributions that uplifted the dominion of Philippine literature.
He was known as the country's best writer of humorous stories.
He started his “Cocks” series of stories with “Of Cocks and Hens”/ "My Brother's Peculiar Chicken".

He got the idea of the story from a cartoon in the New Yorker showing two Mexicans looking at a chicken whose sex they could not determine.

My Brother’s Peculiar Chicken, was listed as Martha Foley’s Best American Stories among the most distinctive for years 1948 and 1951.


Kiko, his brother, his parents, Teniente del Barrio, Mr. Eduardo Cruz


Early morning, cornfield

Kiko and his brother found a peculiar chicken.

People couldn’t really determine on whether the chicken was a rooster or a hen.
The peculiar chicken won the cockfight.
Kiko’s brother was convinced that the chicken was indeed a rooster.
The chicken laid an egg.
Close Familial Affinity
Respect to Elders
Gamblers’ inveteracy of cockfighting
Stereotypical Attitude
Ernest Jan P. Mendoza
Jonjay Lloyd M. Tabanao
Lovely Loise B. Ukay
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