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NGLK Animal Resort and Spa

No description

Natalie Fernandez

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of NGLK Animal Resort and Spa

NGLK Animal Resort and Spa
A nucleus and cytoplasm are like our manager and workers.
Our manager keeps the hotel running and on task just like an animal cell's nucleus! The only way a hotel stays running in proper order is because the manger directs the workers. The nucleus directs the cytoplasm like the manager and crew. So this is the perfect resort to understand our animals.
Mitochondria is like a generater of a hotel.
A hotel's electricity is powered by their generaters like how mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. the excellent function of the NGLK is worked as mitochondria.
Vacuoles are like hotels kitchen's cabinets.
Vacuoles store water and food. The amzing food in NGLK is stored just like the food in a vacuoles.
Chloroplasts are like a solar panels.
Chloroplasts take in energy like solar panels. We here have amzing like captured in the finest solar panels.
Cell Mebranes are like the doors in our nice hotel.
A cell membrane sees what comes in and out. That is like the door and the doorman for instance. They see who comes in and out.
Ribosomes are like our hotel's restaurant.
Ribosomes are where you get your proteins. In our fine restaurant, that is where you eat your proteins and obsorb them.
Chromatin is like the front desk of our amazing hotel.
Chromatin provide instructions for the cells and the front desk assists you with your needs.
A nucleolus is like our fine kitchen.
In a nucleolus, ribosomes are made and ribosomes produce protein. In a kitchen, you can make protein such as meat, eggs, etc.
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