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My Career Path

No description

Harrison Regan

on 23 April 2018

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Transcript of My Career Path

Nature of the work
Working Conditions
Most accountants work from an office and some work from home. a typical accountant works an average of 40 hours a week and are properly paid for their services. the busiest season for accountants is tax season and often they have to work overtime.
As an accountant you look at financial records of business and clients. the accountant make sure all expenses and dues are correct and find errors as well. they also make sure taxes are paid and paid on time.
After taking the Career cluster survey it had showed me that i might be interested in a business career. after looking into business careers i found accounting and auditioning. the median pay is $68,000 per year and the education requirements aren't very difficult to acquire
My Career Path
Educational Requirements
Training and Other Qualifications
Accounting doesn't require high education. The typical entry level is bachelors degree. to acquire a bachelors degree you need four years of college
before entering accounting as a full time job some people decide to shadow experienced accountants. Also to train to be an accountant some may take computer classes as today most records are kept online and not on paper. others may get an internship as well.
accountants can make any where from $50,000-$300,000 but the median salary is $68,000 as of 2015 and the it also depends where you work in California and new york accountants are paid the most around $100,000
Job Outlook
the employment rate is supposed to increase by 10% in the next 8 years which is faster than average for all careers in the future new technology will come out and companies will form over these new technology the demand for accounts will increase as a result.
the positives of being an accountant.
-The need for accountants is high so there are lots of job opportunities

-the wages for the job are high and range from 70-300 thousand dollars.

-its a stable job so wages will either go up or stay the same they will never be less than what you normally get paid.
negatives of being an accountant
-The job is stressful

-You need a CPA certification

-accountants travel a lot to meet clients

-Sometimes its really hard work
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