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(1) Discovering Canada

Preparing for your Canadian citizenship test - a supplement for the "Discover Canada" guide (Lesson 1 of 8)

ADED - Sharon Kavanagh

on 21 September 2017

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Transcript of (1) Discovering Canada
A Journey to
Canadian Citizenship

You can take this journey with your "Discover Canada" study guide beside you.

You will find videos and pictures that will help you to understand the guide better and so you can see, hear and feel the stories of this great nation.

Click the arrows below to move through the screens

Aboriginal Peoples
European Settlement
Beginnings of
in the 1800's
History of Canada
Before the white Europeans arrived in Canada there were Aboriginal people in all regions
1. Canada’s History
* To watch the videos click the "start" button on the bottom left corner of each video screen.
* To watch the videos click the "start" button on the bottom left corner of each video screen.
World War I
World War II
Vocabulary and Key Points
Vocabulary and Key Points
Explore the growing colonies of English and French
Vocabulary and Key Points
Battles with the United States, battles between English and French and struggles for independence from Britain.
War of 1812
of 1837-38
Vocabulary and Key Points
Fort Langley
Bay Co.
Fur Trade
Videos to watch
Videos to watch
Vocabulary and Key Points
Apology for Head Tax
Louis Riel
Vocabulary and Key Points
"the birth of a nation"
Arthur Currie
Women's Suffrage
Flander's Fields
Watch these videos
Canada's role in defeating Nazism and Fascism
Japanese Internment
Important vocabulary
(left side)
Definitions or links to
other websites
Remembrance Day
A new country and independence from Britain
Adolf Hitler
Vocabulary and Key Points
Session #1 Survey
Watch these videos
Lesson #1
Birth Certificate!
(Pearl Harbour was bombed in 1941)
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