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Adventure Time

The wonderous land of Ooo

Stevie Connelly

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Adventure Time

What Time is it? The voice behind Finn the Human Jeremy Shada, iconic voice actor for Finn, and a wonderful actor. He was born January 21st, in Boise Idaho. His brother Zack Shada was the original voice for Finn. Adventure time is about a young boy and his magic dog named Jake. They run around the land of Ooo chasing after the Ice King who is notorious for stealing Princesses. While discovering new land such as the Fire Kingdom, Candy Kingdom, and the Nightosphear, and Lumpy Space. Created By: Stevie Connelly John DiMaggio Jonh Dimaggio is the Voice actor for the the beloved Jake the dog. He's been in many different shows that require voice acting. Such as Bender in Futurama, and some other Voice acting gigs. Adventure Time Pendleton Ward Pendleton Ward is probably one of the most creative person ever. His idea for Adventure Time is unbelievable, its beautifully made, and very funny. He was able to connect to the viewers, in both awkwardness, young love, and stupid things kids do. He is also a voice actor for some of the characters such as everyones favorite Drama Queen, The Lumpy Space Princess. Or LSP for short. Moral of the story, is... Always make sure to adventure with your friends, and have fun because you never know what kind of trouble your going to get into with your friends. Finn! Haha, see what I did there? (: Watch adventure time, because it is a the best show ever. And you would enjoy it. It pretty great.
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