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The gorilla

No description

Ms Christian's Class

on 21 December 2015

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Transcript of The gorilla

by Daniel,Alan and

The Gorilla
What Gorilla's Eat
Gorillas dangers are leopard's,humans, crocodiles.They can also catch diseases like pneumonia and malaria.
Gorilla's dangers
Dublin Zoo
The gorilla's eat seeds,leaves,stems and
some animal prey.
There are seven Gorillas in Dublin Zoo.
Harry is their leader.
Gorilla species are eastern gorillas, low land gorillas
mountain gorillas,western gorillas.
Oldest type
The oldest gorilla in the world is 54 years old.
The gorillas stomach is larger then there chests.They have larger museles in their arms then legs.Gorillas are the biggest of all apes.
Where the gorillas come from
The gorillas usual countries are Africa
and Asia.
Male gorillas are huge and can weigh up to 170 kg.
The gorilla lives in Dense forest up to 3,000 metres and lots of hot countries.
How big they grow
Life cycle
infants weigh 4 to 5 pounds.Young Gorillas stay with their mothers until they are 3 or 4.Males are known as a silver back.
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