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The Monkey Trial


Torrie Aycock

on 2 March 2010

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Transcript of The Monkey Trial

The Monkey Trial By: Torrie And Alyece Best known trial in the decade!! A law was passed that to teach theories
that denies the story of creationism of
the man taught in the Bible was unlawful
for any teacher. It was called the Monkey Trial
because how the scinetific
evolution states that Apes
and Monkeys are a stage
below us in the evolution ladder. The
trial was so big that they sold plush monkeys in the streets. The American Civil Liberties Union believes that the law is unconstitutional and says it will pay the legal expenses of anyone who wants to test the Tennessee law. Dayton, Tennessee, 1925 Definition of evolution:
The process or formation of growth
that things evolved. What it led to;
In the end he did win the trial, but the
laws in Tennessee led to other states such as
Arkansas, and Louisiana also trying to pass the
same law against teaching evolution in
public school. In the early 20's a law was passed
saying: That the government could
not pick a church/religon for you or even make you go to church at all. One teacher imparticular, named John Scopes, decided not to follow the Amendment and keep teaching what was in the text book, which was the theory of evolution. Because he kept teaching his theories, which were against the bible so against the law, he was warned many times to stop these teachings but kept going right on. He was informed about the trial
saying that he was suppose to apppear
with a lawyer which was also his friend
at the court house in the city. THE END!!!!!
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