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No description

Iza Florjanic

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Bffs

Best friends forever
We were in fight for one and half month. We were ignoring eachother. We were very bad persons.
Bffs are back!
After a month of fighting we decide to be Bffs again and now we promise each other to never fight again and never ignore each or beigin mean again.
first day of school
it all started on the first day of school

I like bolones with spagetti.
I love dogs.
I love swimming
I like smiling.
I love HIP HOP
I was hanging out with other girls.
I was to proud to say sorry to Deborah.
I ignored her for no reason.
I ignored Iza and I prefed to hang out with other girls
I was kind of mean to Iza
and was always mad at every one
I love bolones with spagetti
I like dogs
I Love swimming
I love Hip Hop
I like playing and joking around
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