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Being A Tattoo Artist

No description

Olivia Cafiero

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Being A Tattoo Artist

Thank You!
What they do
They make artistic designs and pictures and later transfer those images onto human skin.

They have to learn how to clean, sterilize, and care for equipment

Gain skill and work experience

Get to draw a lot

Gain social skills
Could be sitting for long periods of time

Indoors almost always

Customers might not always be easy to handle
Salary is relative to the tattoos you do.

The bigger the tattoo the more money you make. The more detailed the tattoo, the more it will cost.

Some also get paid by the hour.
Advantages and Disadvantages
Being A Tattoo Artist
Interests, skills, and work values
Must have skill and interest in drawing/ arts

Must have good people skills

Must have a steady hand and a good eye for color.

Must have a customers safety in mind at all times
No education is required, but some tattoo artists attend art schools, and it is advised to get an internship, often called an apprenticeship, in a tattoo shop to learn the basics.
Length of Service
A tattoo artist will work for as long as he/she wants. Once they are no longer able to perform then they retire.
Tattoos in the Future
Workplaces are becoming more lenient about body modifications in the work places so more people are getting tattoos
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